Thursday, 11 December 2008

Busy Busy

wa, today v busy man...

went for ikebana (japanese floral arrangement). the kyoto professor came over to teach so class was really crowded. there were people from nearby countries too who came specially because of him... and he speaks good ingurisu k?

why do i like ikebana? cos i think it's cool (other than the fact that it's japanese n i like jap stuff rmb?) and matches my house decor. professor says, in ikenobo (that's my school's name... ikebana got different men pai one) ikebana, there must be

contrast yet harmony, asymmetry yet balance...

so abstract hor?

and we achieve that through

points, lines, surfaces or/and masses


flowers, leaves, branches

for example, today the materials given were anthuriums (the red flower), coconut leaves (the lone yellow curve), white phoenix (the small white one at the bottom), palm leaves (u know how palm leaves look right -.-) and yellow roses... the anthurium can work as both a surface or a line depending on whether you want to highlight the petal or stem, the coconut leave is a line, the yellow roses can be points, the white phoenix at the bottom can be mass or point (many points become mass ma) and the palm leaves... that one ah... could be surface or lines...


and most importantly, the materials must have SPACE between them. not too much... just enough for each to have their own space yet compliment one another.

what i did here is called vertical jiyuka (freestyle) so there is more room for creativity and the rules are not so rigid. you can also do horizontal or slanted arrangements. when u do vertical, you're trying to project an image of growth in the plant, slanted ones project an image of movement, like wind blowing... horizontal one i don't know... strength? i have not tried horizontal yet. but my favourite is shoka, a more traditional arrangement... shoka is v minimalistic, simple and elegant... got a lot of rules one. the stem must be how long how long, must point here point there, face this direction that direction... but i like it. it's so simple yet so nice. then there is the regal rikka, which i am not good enough to learn yet... my teacher (a dentist) learnt for donkey years already k? i still have a long way to go er...

i don't quite like my arrangement today cos i don't really like palm leaves... i would have preferred monstiera leaves which professor used. that one's really nice.


then had leisurely lunch at Singapore Art Museum Olio Dome. the cream barley chicken pie tastes horrible don't order that. after that went for facial and full body massage...

so busy so busy!