Thursday, 18 December 2008

Cheong Here Cheong There

Wa... everytime Christmas approaches, i will cheong here cheong there... so many thing to do. buy materials la, make cards la, write cards la, send cards la, bake cookies, buy presents, wrap presents... te blah te blah... and i learnt something... don't go where everyone else will go to buy your stuff i.e. ORCHARD ROAD.

it was people mountain people sea, water no entry when i went with geraldine. and we were like, "WHERE GOT ECONOMIC CRISIS????!!!!! #$%@" it was a MONDAY afternoon and the streets were packed, the shopping mall was worse. and there were so many rich farts zipping around in HDB flats (the audis, BMWs, Lexus etc... ) basket *grumble grumble*

even the quite expensive royal copenhagen teahouse in takashimaya had a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG Queue... -.- earl grey tea for two with a chocolate explosion cake cost $30 and there was a queue LOL

then when we reached Art Friend, ALL the nice paper was sold out and there were only PEACH-coloured envelopes left -.-||| peach colour is so salah la... for my theme. my theme is maroon and champagne nei... the paper shelves had empty holes and we figured those must have been the envelopes... sheesh...

then on tue, i went to my neighbourhood Popular bookstore and found maroon paper, nicer maroon ribbons and envelopes
-.- see la, everyone must be thinking... do craft/art/cards? GO ART FRIEND!!!! yeah yeah -.- then ho say lor, everything sold out by the time they replenish, you'll be buying for chinese new year.

so yeah, Christmas avoid Orchard, CNY avoid Chinatown. Tis good advice. don't listen you'll regret.

i say only la, next year christmas comes i will still go orchard to squeeze one LOL