Saturday, 13 December 2008

Driving 101

hehehe... i am supposed to have my first driving lesson on 5 jan but someone cancelled the lesson last night so i took it =D and i realised driving can be totally exhausting, for a start at least...

i have not applied for my PDL so was confined to the circuit and the instructor, a fatherly man called T, made me do clockwise rounds for like a gazillion times. i'd clutch the steering wheel tightly with eyes O.O on the road, making sure my car stays in lane so he kept repeating, "relax, you're too tense! don't grip so tightly! relax! relax!"

then after an hour, i could not feel my left leg anymore cos i'm driving auto so the left leg ain't doin' anything and i was concentrating on the hands, the lanes, the accelerator n brake pedals that i forgot about my left leg. and i realised i have a bad habit of tilting my head up to look far ahead so the instructor gave me a cushion -.- i'm not short what! i think it's cos i tied my hair into a ponytail it kept jabbing the headrest... next time tie it lower down.

there was a pedestrian crossing in the circuit and i totally missed some pedestrians crossing it... just zoomed on...

T: you didn't stop for pedestrians!!!
me: oh? got pedestrians??? sorry didn't see
T: u must keep a lookout for them!
me: orh... er... are they calefares??
T: ???? hahaha... that's the first time i heard this... calefare pedestrians??? no, they're motorbike students -.-
me: oh???

i thought comfort delgro employs calefare pedestrians to got thing no thing walk here walk there ma... LOL

anw, when i got home, my whole body was aching like mad and i'm not looking forward to the next lesson =(