Monday, 29 December 2008

Tsk Tsk Tsk!!! Kungfu Panda Is Too Violent!

yesterday was the great reunion of my uni bible study group. everyone was there, all the husbands and kids. we even managed to get our ex-bible study leader Martha! ^^

it was pot bless (as opposed to pot luck cos christians believe everything we have is a blessing from God, not by luck) high tea. elizabeth brought delicious gourmet chicken n beef pies, era brought scones and biscotti, liming baked a shepherd's pie and alison made a pretty cake!

after i took a pic of alison's pretty cake, i didn't take any more pics cos i wanted to eat the cake... =P

and we realised that other than chris and jon, the rest of us are in the same profession ahahaha LOL

well, everytime i see their kids, i feel inspired to have kids too because they are so well-behaved, well-mannered and don't scream or wail. ok, someone did spill a cup of grape juice but it's ok la, she is so cute so i told them if they drink properly and don't spill again, i'd let them feed my fish kekeke... n they did cooperate so i gave each of them a tiny bit of fish feed and they threw the pellets into the pond =)

jon and liming's daughter danielle (last row behind chris) is such a cute princess... i put on kungfu panda for the kids and she got so scared and cried softly because she found it TOO VIOLENT!!!!
aaawwww.... so princess, so cute. daddy had to put her in a separate room to calm her down... hahaha... first time i heard kungfu panda is violent... but we realised that many cartoons are rather violent w tom n jerry at the top of the list LOL

and caleb (in front, the only boy la) told his mum he likes aunty ann cos aunty ann has colour on her cheeks and eyelids... hahaha... this boy has got good taste in women LOL

sarah (on my left) is the ever-sociable and lovable girl. she reached out her hands with a nicely-wrapped present and said v sweetly, "Aunty Ann, this is for you ^^" aaawww... so sweet... my heart really melted man...

and era and hardev's (hardev is sikh by birth christian by choice =D) baby girl sonia is super cute la! she changed into a bumble bee jumper with a hood... haha... so cute so cute... i must buy that for my nieces ^^

and i like the way era handles sonia... she is v garung one. they actually brought the 7-8 month old sonia to UK recently n i think they backpacked!!! *clap clap clap + salute* they bathed her in the wash basin cos the bath tub was too big *clap clap clap* and when she fell asleep at my place, era just placed her on my bed with bolsters all around, we turned on the air con then era came out to eat, drink n be merry! cool... if i ever have a kid, i want to be like era (minus the backpack part!)

tis good that everyone looks pretty much the same except that martha has lost some weight which she distributed to the rest of us. and of cos, chris didn't fail to give his Apple sales-talk and we've got one more convert LOL

then the girls showed their husbands my shoe cabinet and extended wardrobe and the guys were like -______________-|||

era to hardev: SEE! i don't have too many bags ok???!!!
hardev: -.-|||

but i think charis (caleb's sister) has a lot of potential... she brought her dolls and luggage-bag full of dolls' clothes... so girl... hahaha and i loved her pretty pink pearls ^^

aaahhh... so cute so cute... and everytime they come, they won't fail to leave behind something... the last time it was some doll's milk bottle, last night it was alison's watch LOL