Sunday, 7 December 2008

Movie Review: Bolt (5.5*)

For animal lovers, Bolt will be a thoroughly enjoyable show. i strongly recommend it, especially for families... v heartwarming and entertaining ^^ a must-watch... =)

i won't say too much of the plot... go watch it k? it's really nice.

i am reminded of snippets of nemo and toy story in this show cos the story is about a deluded dog actor in an action series who thinks all his powers are for real, kinda like buzz lightyear in toy story, and his adventure-packed journey back to find his owner, kinda like nemo travelling back to find his dad or woody finding his way back to andy. there was this one scene in which the cat, Mittens, recalled how she was abandoned, that is strangely reminiscent of this scene in toy story 2 though not as poignant...

comic relief came in the form of an obese hamster, Rhino, who also thinks Bolt is for real and is his number one fan... together, Bolt, Mittens and Rhino traverse from one end of america to the other end to find Penny, Bolt's girl.

and yeah of cos, it's a happy ending ^^

oh, i would have given it 6* if they didn't keep the poor hamster in the ball all the time. that type of portrayal may mislead kiddos into thinking that they can keep a hamster in a ball... so minus half a star for cruelty to animal.