Thursday, 11 December 2008


I really don't like yesterday's arrangement so i re-arranged it to be slanting. i like this better... imagine a gentle breeze blowing from the left. see already feel so at ease. with a cup of green tea, it will be even better =) btw, although the vase pattern is different, it's the same vase, just different sides.

oh, my cam is still w Canon... too lazy to go n get it back. it's near vivocity =P so far. so i have been using my laopok i-phone cam.

the main tools when doing ikebana are the hasami (scissors) and kenzan (pin holder). the hasami is not easy to control for newcomers and i am still trying to get the hang of it. as you can see, there is no grip hole unlike normal scissors. you rest it in your palm with one handle controlled by your thumb and the other by the rest of the four fingers. sometimes i cheat... to make it easier, i put my index finger between the handles to push it open but that's wrong. it's like holding chopsticks... to use it the right way needs practice. the kenzan is super heavy and the spooks are v sharp. the kanji (chinese characters... you know japanese language uses Han Zi, Chinese characters) is read Jian Shan in Chinese which means "Mountain of Swords"... the large one i have is 9cm in diameter and weighs more than 800g almost 1 kg. you wouldn't want to have to drop on your foot the wrong way round cos you'll be in pain, for a v long time. and usually people have different sizes for different-sized vases. i like the kenzan much more than floral oasis (the green sponge thingy) because for kenzan, when you change your mind, you can pull the stalk out n re-poke but for floral oasis, once you poke, there's a hole so u can't re-poke into the same hole anymore. the kenzan also allows more space for the stalk to breathe and water to enter so the flowers last longer on the kenzan then in an oasis.