Friday, 26 December 2008

Si Dor Bei Lei

That's how you say strawberry in Cantonese i think LOL. anyway, it's ichigo in Japanese

well, which country's strawberries are the sweetest and most value for money?? ling ling wrote a blog entry about korean strawberries and lamented that after she wrote about it, all the korean strawberries in NTUC were sold out! hahaha... so when i saw them in carrefour on tue, i quickly grabbed two punnets, one for me one for grace. korean strawberries are v sweet and since it's in season now, they're v affordable (as cheap as $3.95) unlike the pricey japanese ones at $20 per punnet -.- they can be found everywhere, even in dry "wet markets". forget about the ozzie n US ones la... no one eats them these days. so sour >.<

this morning while having breakfast, i was watching "Good Morning You Good" on Channel 8 and they featured korean strawberries!!! that's it liao la, all the aunties like my mother-in-law will go and buy... it will get sold out again -.-

oh, that photo was taken in perth... ah ya, i'm too lazy to take out my cam to shoot the korean ones k? LOL