Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cheena Cheena

Ah... today is Dong Zhi, Winter Solstice =) Tis time to eat tang yuan!!! =D i like the ones with black sesame filling in peanut soup or almond soup ^^ no wonder past few days i'd been craving tang yuan... must be i subconsciously know winer solstice is near hehehe winter solstice falls on roughly 22 Dec...

And Chinese New Year next year is 26 Jan... v early hor? Basically, there is a window in which the CNY can occur, between 21 Jan and 21 Feb and every year, it moves back by 11 days (error: +, -1 day) the next year. If when you subtract 11 days it falls out of the window, then you don't subtract but ADD 19 days (error: +, -1 day)...

2008 CNY was on 7 Feb
subtract 11 days (+, -1) is about 26 Jan so 2009 CNY is 26 Jan
subtract 11 days is out of window le so instead, u add 19 days (+, -1) so it's about 14 Feb (wa, Valentine's day) agar agar there la... chris taught me one.

he read one of our uni lecturer's (Dr Helmer Aslaksen) papers which i find v v cheem but interesting. you can google his name and you will find lots of material about calendars, mathematics and astronomy.