Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Wesley Methodist Church: Carols by Candlelight

just a couple of hours ago was my church's annual carols by candlelight (open-air one... in the church plaza) and boy was it crowded. grace and i decided to chope seats at least one hour before. i went to chope first at 7pm (starts at 8pm) while grace, roger and youwen made their way and even then the seats i choped were almost at the back... there were many people choping seats... chope with bag la, service bulletin la, candle la whatever people could find they took out to chope... didn't see any packet tissue though LOL wa, two youth actually EACH choped one row (total of about 20 seats) for their friends... -.-

at 7:30pm pastor made an announcement...

pastor: MRT warning! Those of you employing Mass Reservation Tactics, at 7:55pm if your friends are still not here, the seats will be released!

so i was a little kancheong n smsed them

me: oei! are you all coming soon? got to give up seats at 7:55pm!

then haiz, grace let go my pigeon -.- she said she has a headache can't come and since she is not coming roger won't be coming too so end up only youwen and me -.- and i paiseh-ly removed my shopping bags from two of the chairs i choped...

youwen: eh, open-air neh... what if it rains??
me: oh, according to grace, it has NEVER rained during carols by candle-light... at most light drizzle or passing shower... and thank God, the weather is so nice and cool today ^^

halfway through Hark the Herald Angels Sing, i felt small droplets...

me: oei, is it me or do you feel raindrops too??
youwen: mmm... i feel it too...

but somehow... it didn't rain! God held back the rain throughout the entire service until the very last song "Christmas isn't Christmas" think it was the last chorus then sssshhhhh..... a v light refreshing drizzle for like 5 mins

pastor came on the mic again...

pastor: Thank God for the light drizzle... i means you guys have to go home now!

haha... he is v cute la

took some shots w my i-phone... sorry la, it was dark dark n i one hand hold candle, the other hand shoot... and the exposure time was like 2 secs -.- but trust me, it looked and felt much much nicer than what you see ^^