Thursday, 18 December 2008


well, back to Mon again... i accompanied G to get her chi chi scented bottled ink for her fountain pen. young peoples these days are v rich. camera body better than mine nemind, bottled ink also so expensive and fancy. i thought my Namiki ink is expensive at $19 per bottle. the fancy Noodler ink she wants cost $30 a bottle and has fancy names like singapore sling la, vanda miss joaqium la etc etc... and i think they're scented. i rmb asking her whether the esplanade ink smells of durians and she went, "NO!!!???? -.-|||" LOL

then we admired the Namiki pens and she saw one that's really pretty, with a crane that's v v nicely painted... she pointed to it..

G: eh, see that one! wa v nice! the $1242 one...
me: it's $11, 242!!!
G: O.O oh... haha... so where's yours?
me: *pointed to an obscure corner in the lower shelf* neh!
G: haha, yours is put below one... LOL

ya lor... hahaha...