Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shu Nuu Become Siao Cha Bor

Shu Nuu = Demure Girl
Siao Cha Bor = Crazy Woman

wa... yesterday after work, my whole body was aching (especially my right hand) and i zzz... at 830 pm =P you see, it's was our corporate community outreach event for my dept yesterday and we sold handphone straps from the organisation, popcorn, chips and drinks to raise funds for an organisation that we selected. the popcorn was such a hit! and we're very proud of the packaging =)

initially we were sitting there v demurely packing the popcorn. atmosphere was cosy, we were chatting, like some elegant ladies gathering... TF was opening up the bags (which she called envelopes) for filling with popcorn, i was scooping, someone was pouring popcorn, S and some others were sticking sticker lovingly, ensuring the sticker matched the bags.

then someone said...

someone: we need 143 packs (pre-ordered), we have only packed 40+

we glanced at time - 15 mins LEFT.

then we AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! suddenly kee siao! HWA, all of us instantly transformed into siao cha bor and the place also turned into a battlefield. Miss Lee n i were furiously scooping the popcorn.

TF: ann! you still chit chat chit chat!!!!
someone: HURRY UP!!!! AAAAHHH! not more talking!!!
CC: i do what??? i do what??? quick quick!
me: arggghhhh, my hand v pain!
CC: *raining sweat cos she was the multi-tasker* you sitting down you dare to say!
TF: ENVELOPE!!!! ENVELOPE!!!! someone pass me ENVELOPE!!!!
S: AAHHH!!! just now i still got coordinate colours!!! now don't care already!!!
TF: POPCORN! POPCORN!!! more popcorn!!!!

then two siao cha bors quickly poured more popcorn to refill the container....

kring kring!!!! Miss Lee's phone rang...

me: not free not free!!!!

she picked up, EC was on the line... she kiap the phone between her neck n shoulder and talked to EC while scooping popcorn with the another hand... EC must be wondering why her side so noisy... n think she wasn't concentrating so those few packs she scooped all half one...

me: too slow too slow...!!!! go and wash another container!!!!! quick quick!

so HM cheong to wash n wipe v v dry another container and ppppiiiissshhhh! they poured more popcorn into that and started another assembly line... and Miss Lee was standing in the centre she sometimes scoop from left sometimes scoop from right... v funny...

P was counting...

P: 100 already!!!!
someone: YAY YAY!!!! some more some more...

TF: you all don't keep scooping, someone stick sticker!!!! wait lao hong!!!!
CC: ok, i stick... er but i think i stick v slow!
me: AAH! i stick i stick! u scoop!
CC: Ann! your scoop v slow! my styrofoam cup faster!
me: no more sticker!!!! sticker! sticker!!!

someone flung some stickers at me... got sticker just stick liao, don't care colour ngum anot...

so after the bing bing biang biang, we finally managed to pack 200 packets and cheong down to sell.... =P if you're wondering what the men r doing leaving us girls to do the hardwork, you're wrong... the male muscles were downstairs carrying tables n chairs to set up our stall...

the sales at the counters in the lounge and canteen were ok only so some of us decided to put on our thickest skin to peddle our products...

we'd ambush our colleagues by surrounding their desk...

us: =DDDDDDD hi! want some popcorn???
colleague: ??? er.... o....k....
us: need a drink to wash it down? how about a handphone strap? got pink, blue, black, white.
me: got photographic evidence that you got do charity! *point my DSLR with fisheye lens near near at the person*
colleague: O.O!!!

if colleague says...
colleague: i got no small change, only $50...
us: then thank you for your donation! =DDDDD
colleague: !!!! -_______-|||

while we were peddling, we saw poor J pushing a big tub of ice (for the drinks) on a trolley in his nicely-pressed long-sleeved shirt... he looked v kelian... LOL

hahaha.... so fun... we were all v v tired but had loads of fun. although we were v aggressive and frightened our colleagues, they were v helpful n generous so our event was a great success ^^

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Short Fuse

why do i have such a short fuse this evening?

1. it's going to be the WRONG time of the month soon, idiot! ROAR!!!!!

2. i asked chris to switch on the heater for me, he forgot so the water was not hot and i HATE showering with cold water. it makes me feel he cares for west and claire more than he cares for me. he remembered to bring home the pellets from the car (sometimes he forgets to bring up my stuff when i remind and remind and remind him to). he remembered to feed them the newly-bought pellets (we ran out of pellets yesterday). but he forgot to switch on the heater for me.

3. internet is super slow tonight.

4. TWO stupid websites i went to and need to access urgently don't support APPLE. their IT managers should just quit, seriously. no, they should just shut down the entire department. idiots. complete idiots.

5. it's 29th jan, the opening of driving lesson slots for march at my driving school so it's a very stressful time for me. slots open for booking at 6pm. i am not like some crazy singaporeans who Q up at 1pm or ask their maids to Q up. i had driving lesson today at 650pm so i dropped off and got a Q number: 37. the Q number they were serving was FOUR. forget it -.- i will log on and book through the internet... which i didn't really manage to because today's internet is super slow.

6. my driving instructor says my turning is still not smooth and i grab the steering wheel too tightly, all my veins pop out. he said if he is the tester, he won't pass me =( i was utterly crushed... DDD=

7. when grace had the same problem with the website and we consulted chris, he INTERROGATED her (like he always does to me when i claim that the IT fails one me like i am some moron) and made her so fed up too but she just swallowed it. just because you are an IT guru doesn't give you the right to think everyone else is a moron.

8. today's TNP got story about some wolf-heart-dog-lung man who raped his stepdaughters for 10 years. read story here.

9. the wanton mee at kovan (i had dinner there before driving lesson) gave so little noodle i eat not full so felt v cheated cos there was a Q so i thought it must be nice.

10. chris is ignoring me now. he is back playing his games again...

so you say, should i be angry??!!! ROAR!!!

Apple Rules

in a world that Apple rules, i CANNOT! simply CANNOT believe there are STUPID @#$@#%@#$^@$%#%#@%@#$^ websites that still don't support apple!!!!! i mean, where are their IT morons from???? ice-age???? only support IE???? *spurt blood*


i am SUPER SUPER SUPER pissed now... KNS

grace n i have been trying to log on to a website to do some very urgent and important matter and it kept giving us the same idiotic message. then grace called them and made noise then were told their website DOESN'T support firefox, safari etc... KNS

so i had to interrupt chris from his very important battle to use the only PC in our house and he got so pissed and i also got so pissed so we screamed at each other. i swear if i was drowning in my bath tub and called to him for help, he'd finish his game first then come n rescue me. of cos i would have died by then.

i am so fed up now...

Monday, 26 January 2009

Lying About Your Age

wa, my 2nd uncle told me my grandma is 100 years old according to the chinese calendar. she was born in 1910 in the year of the pig so this year, english-ly she is 99 but cheena-ly she is 100 already!!! wa!!!

but hor, she is v vain one, people ask her she will say 80+ LOL

me: AH MA, LER GUI HWEH? (ah ma, how old r u? btw, talk to my ah ma must shout cos she has hearing difficulty)
ah ma: HA?? MI KAI? (ha? what?)
me: *repeat question*
ah ma: wa em kee tek liow (i can't remember)
me: JEK PAIRK AH? (100 ah?)
ah ma: bor la! bor jek pairk! (no la, not 100 la!)
me: POIK ZAK POIK? (88?)
ah ma: ah ah...

she is so cute la... refuse to admit how old she actually is... LOL then she asked me how old i am i told her i am 25. chris -.- me LOL

Chinese New Year Greetings

the one i most fear is "Zao Sheng Gui Zi (Early birth precious child)" LOL but heng ah, this year no irritating relatives wished us that! =P think they kinda got the idea. plus, when people see our new car, they'll prob know kids are not in our equation at all hahaha....

but hor, the ang bao my mum gave me got "Xue Ye Jin Bu" (studies improve) a bit salah leh mamee... i graduated nong nong ago le neh! still need this meh? LOL my mum is so cute la!

here's a pic of my cute mum and her cutest grand daughters ^^

Sunday, 25 January 2009

This One Big Or Small?

This was the most frequently asked question by my mum today -.- everytime she carried one of my twin nieces, she'd ask that
-.- as their grandma, she can't distinguish between gwyneth and kyrstin... diao... and they weren't even wearing the same colour k? after a while she figured out...

mum: oh, i identify by the colour of their clothes.
me: -______-||| so if they wear same how?
mum: then confused again lor

but then again, my kor says most people can't distinguish. when i said i can, he tested me by whipping out his phone and randomly picking pics (most crazy parents will have tonnes of their kids' pics in their phone -.-) i got 80% correct and he was v impressed.

ah bu then, i'm their ultimate doting gu gu ma, of cos i can tell the diff between kyrstin and gwyneth.

Blessed "Niu" Year!!! ^^

it's not easy taking photos of kids k... like taking photos of animals... v difficult to get them to look at the camera... i gave them ang baos as props they end up putting it in the mouth LOL

hm... it's always good to start them off young =DD

That Is Ze Wrong Answer!!!

You know i cut my finger (thumb) while cleaning so i kinda lost the use of my thumb. can't eat chicken wing -.- can't really work the fork and knife. fork and spoon is still ok though, chopsticks also ok.

so we were at my mum's today for steamboat reunion and i looked at the prawns (i think i'm the only weirdo who peels prawns when i prepare for steamboat other than CY n Ling cos i made them LOL) and lamented...

me: hm... =( i can't peel prawn *sulk*
chris: then don't eat lor

my kor, my sis-in-law n me ALL stared at him!!!

sis-in-law: that's not the correct answer!!!

i bolted up from my seat, got a plate, fork and spoon and proceeded to peel my prawn... in silence.

chris: oh oh, er dear, i peel for you! =D
me: too late *SULK*

Never-Ending Spring Cleaning

haiz, if you're mildly OCD like me, your spring cleaning will be never-ending cos when u r doing something, you will always see or remember something else that needs to be done...

after the weekends of:
sucking windows
sucking glass walls
cleaning kitchen
packing kitchen
packing bomb shelter

i finally managed to get some drawer liners so today, apart from the usual:
change pond water
change pussy willow water
suck floor
scrub toilet

i had to:
pack wardrobe
touch up ceiling with paint
change light bulb
wipe stove
suck mattress, reclining chair n couch
wipe shelves

so as i was painting the ceiling (we changed 3 lights so have to touch up cos there were marks from the old light), then
i realised that there were some insects in the lampshades, so i took them down to wash. thought might as well wash all 9 of them.
then while fixing back the lampshade of my toilet light, i realised that the top of my bathroom water pipe is dirty so i cleaned it
then while cleaning the top of the water pipe, i realised that the top of the rod holding the shower curtain is dirty so i cleaned it too.
then while cleaning the water pipe and curtain rod, some dirt dropped to the floor so i wiped them up then i realised the sides of my WC are a bit dirty so i cleaned it.

later on when i rinsed the rag, i hung it on the window ledge to dry then i realised i have cleaned ALL the windows except my kitchen window!!! AAAHH! so i cleaned my kitchen window too.

then i cleaned my water filter and cut myself (didn't expect the plastic to be so sharp... first time it happened, last time was ok) so i went to get some antiseptic and plaster then i realised i have cleaned ALL kitchen cabinet doors inside and outside EXCEPT the inside of this one -.- so i cleaned it.

then chris wet the toilet floor so i went to mop it then i realised i should change the mop head so i changed it and while using the screwdriver i remembered one of the kitchen cabinet doors is a bit not aligned properly so i repaired it. and since i was at it, might as well test all doors see which ones needs tightening. turns out one other door needs it.

then i was v thristy so sat on the floor and drank milk n realised my kitchen table legs r not v clean so i cleaned them...

see la, never ending one -.-

oh oh, but i found my Dior shades =) i thought i lost it *phew*

i am v v tired now...

oh wait, forgot to wipe piano... n check whether the dining table legs r clean... oh, there's a corner of my fridge that is a bit dirty...

no need sleep liao zzzz...

Lou Hei

of all the CNY food, the one i really don't like is raw fish salad or yusheng... i don't understand why people r so fascinated with it... and most of the time, they toss until so gross one, still can eat meh??? my dept is v v violent one, toss until hands all got sesame la, peanut la, sauce la LOL

My New Nest

wa, on wed i moved to the cubicle next to mine... ok ok, i know you're wondering why on earth do i want to move to the cubicle next to mine????!!!! well, on tue when i visited my beautician, she said that my left cheek has more freckles than my right and warned me that if i don't take care, it'll SPREAD!!!! GASP! and i knew it is because of my current sitting position. you see, my cubicle is right beside the window and when i sit down, my left cheek is exposed to the ravages of sun's rays!!!! GAH! the cubicle beside however faces inside so the sun doesn't hit the face at all. so immediately i SMSed my boss...

me: hi, good evening, can i move to XX cubicle?
boss: shouldn't be a problem. what's your reason?
me: er... if i tell you, you will faint...
boss: ok, tell me tmr

so the next morning i went to his office... boss was typing something on his lap top

boss: so, what's your reason?
me: do you want the truth?
boss: what do you think?
me: ok... it's cos *repeat above story*
boss: *stunned for a while, fingers stop typing, blink blink* ok, that's a good reason.
me: thanks =)

so i spent FOUR hours on wed moving to the cubicle beside and even after throwing these (actually there was one more bag),

my cubicle still looks like this. LOL

oh oh, i found these... ah yo, i can't believe i still have such old teknologi lying around!!! chris will find it such a disgrace LOL

Hello Mite, Have A Good Die II

i wrote the first post here.

anyway, i borrowed grace's rainbow again (i prefer to use her rainbow to suck my mattress cos it's more powerful) and wa, can see the dust mite froth floating on the water =PPPP

i saved some for all of you. the mites have settled to the bottom (the black black layer)... gross hor? imagine sleeping on these EVERYDAY!!!!

yee er!!! i wish i can put it under a microscope to see... =PP

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Deng De De Deng De De Deng

yesterday my company engaged some lion and dragon dances to bing bing biang biang... wa, nowsday they are v creative. usually lion dance is accompanied by big head doll one but this troupe improvised and used Cai Shen (god of prosperity) LOL then the Cai Shen went around giving sweets to my colleagues who squealed in delight -.- i was taking photos la... with cheong sam and heels LOL it can be done and yes, i did squat down hahahaha...

then after that some of my crazy kah kees started singing the Cai Shen Dao song which is irritatingly haunting LOL the whole afternoon it was ringing in my head...

Cai Shen Dao!
Deng De De Deng De De Deng!
Cai Shen Dao!
Deng De De Deng De De Deng!


but hor i don't believe in Cai Shen one... i believe in Jehovah Jireh (God my Provider) =) cos the bible says "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."


Friday, 23 January 2009

Bing Shan Xue Lian

means "Ice Mountain Snow Lotus"

yeah, that's the new product I bought that claims to comtain the extract of Snow Lotus. for those who are familiar with cheena pok fighting shows, you will have heard of this wonder plant that supposedly can ching bai du (purge 100 poisons) and zhi wan bing (sure 10,000 illnesses) think it's also an elixir, eat already will chang sheng bu lao (long life won't grow old).

of cos, all these movies like to exaggerate stuff one la...

but clarin's claims to have cultured snow lotus and this 3-week regime promises youthful-looking skin. the last time i used the previous generation product, someone i hadn't met for a long time remarked, "wa, what did you do? you look younger!" LOL so of cos, when i saw the same line of product with the additional miracle ingredient, i didn't hesitate to grab one box =P

can't wait... =)


^^ my problem has been settled ^^ in fact my boss was quite nice about it. he told me he appreciated my honesty and courage to admit my mistake =) and my colleagues were also v understanding =)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


i had wanted to write about my newly-bought product and my new work cubicle (i moved)... but i'm just not in the mood. i am crying...

i made a HUGE boo boo at work today. althought roy and HY say they're not angry w me, i can hear from HY's voice that he is upset. roy also sounded upset... n of cos i am really upset w myself. i have been in my job for 8 years so i should not have overlooked that issue... i was too excited about what i'm passionate about that i forgot one very important detail...

this is going to make my dept especially HM and HY look stupid... i feel like shit now. i really do...

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

CNY -___________-|||

CNY is coming... means EAT and EAT and EAT -.- oh no wait, it's eat steamboat and eat steamboat and eat steamboat -__________-|||

in previous years, my mum and mum-in-law both insist on having reunion dinner on CNY eve so for chris n i, it's cheong to my mum's, eat the essentials (prawns, abalone, fish maw) then to my mum-in-law's for round 2. then first day is visitation (which i HATE) and we usually end off with a festive movie with chris' cousin then eat some crappy dinner. day 2 is steamboat AGAIN at mum-in-law's. same food, same stock. cooked fresh but same lor -.-

this year chris n i ordered 1 kg each of US shabu shabu beef and kurobuta shabu shabu HAHAHAHAHA!!!! and my mum relented and agreed to have CNY eve lunch instead =)

Old Re-runs

sianz... after little nyonya ended, evenings have been zzz... but lately when i was on leave, i watched a TCS 8 rerun starring Fann Wong as some lawyer and some HK actor guy (who i find quite cute... sorry la, i like mature guys can?? can? can? can???!!!) showing at 10am on weekdays except Fri (when they screen some cheena pok period movie... the REALLY old old kind and it's kinda like musical type... which i find quite nice too =P)...

back to the show... the people inside having really retro hairstyles. Fann Wong wears these ugly shoes, Yang Li Bin has very dark and thick eyebrows and matt red lipstick and the guys are always in baggy suits LOL. ya, so i have been recording it and watching it after work and when chris saw the show, he was like

chris: *GASP* DEAR!!! this show is so 80s!!!
me: hehehe =DD quite nice leh...

Monday, 19 January 2009

4 Pairs of Eyes

Golly.. you need 4 pairs of eyes to drive neh... want to turn right that time must

1. glance at rear view mirror
2. signal
3. glance at right side mirror
4. glance at right blindspot
5. filter right
6. repeat 1-4 then turn

wait! it's not GLANCE! must TURN HEAD and look k????!!!!!!!! WA! jin boh eng neh!!! turn here turn there your eyes not on the road le what????!!!!!!!!! -.- so need 4 pairs of eyes to glance at rear mirror, right mirror, blindspot and one on the road -.-


and sunday over dinner

father-in-law: your car no corners one, v hard to gauge... my friend also has that model he keeps knocking his car!
chris: -.- it's a matter of SKILL, not CAR.
father-in-law: -.-
mother-in-law: Ni Li Hai, Ke Shi Ann ne? (you pro but ann how?)

wa, my mother-in-law so see me no up...

then after dinner while sending ah ma home..

me: ah ma, wa keok leh sin leow zai ler tng lai ^^ (ah ma, after i get my license i can drive you home)
ah ma: hehehe... *worried look*


my goodest bestest friend told me her first driving exam she mounted curb then landed in a long kang they had to call crane to kiap up the car -_____-||| IMMEDIATE FAILURE!


my exam date: 13/04/09 very inauspicious some more... i have bad feeling...

i-Phone Bug

GAH... my i-phone is exasperating... past few days i either can't charge it or charge already within one hour or so the battery runs flat!!! then try to charge cannot charge... so cannot use! Qi Si Le!!!! GAH!!!

My Husband Says The Darnest Things III

We were going down the escalator in my neighbourhood mall...

chris: *pout lips* qing yi sia (kiss kiss)
me: not here!!!
chris: *sulk* you don't want to kiss me
me: you want to be like those JC kids is it? smooching on bus get put on stomp??
chris: *sulk* but i don't take bus
me: -_________-|||

we were watching Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian yesterday...

me: dear dear, those half horse half man creature call what ha?
chris: centaurs
me: oh? how to spell? S-E-N-T-O-R ah?
chris: -.- C-E-N-T-A-U-R!
me: WA! how come you know?? (hoping he'd impress me by saying he read the entire CS Lewis Narnia collection when he was 3)
chris: er... cos i take that character sometimes when i play game ma
me: -_______________________-|||

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wu Liao Product

Er... does this product actually exist? LOL

Flash Gun Experiment

LOL Geraldine n i sometimes talk about the 21 flash gun salute... this experiment is quite close to the idea neh...

Cell Phone Gag

The Americans are so funny LOL this stunt is so wu liao but v funny =D


Yesterday was Friedrich's first day and since he has a vase holder, i got him a stalk of yellow gerbera =) but chris complained... he says he feels emasculated driving a feminine-looking AUTO car and i had to rub it in and add a flower -.-

Thursday, 15 January 2009


i'm so excited... this sat Chris will open car door for me =)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Funneh... =D

Very Bad Dream =(((((((

Last night i had a very bad dreamt... i dreamt that my brother died. i can't remember the cause of death but i think he died to save me... in my dream, i was standing at an altar with his photo and sobbing. i felt so much sorrow that i cried and cried and cried and my heart ached so bad... then chris was awakened by my sobbing... he said i cried so loudly that i woke up him =( he was so stunned and felt worried so he tapped me then i woke up and realised i'd been really sobbing in my sleep... my eyes were filled with tears, my face was damp and my pillow too...


i'm so thankful it's only a dream. but it was so real... so scary...

Monday, 12 January 2009

Cheat My Feelings -.-

This is the KNS extra 2 min little nyonya clip that made Singapore curse the damn dumb scriptwriter... firstly, they said it's a 3 min clip but hor, 1:07 min was rehashed from the finale episode and then it's chen xi and yueniang talking some rubbish... voice over some more. the most ultimate was when they turned to camera and started talking to viewer... the reason why people felt for them is cos we felt involved... felt real... but when they turn and talk to us... -_______-||| we suddenly remember they are actors liao... so anticlimax

my friends were cursing the moment the clip at 9:55pm on sun ended... people were furious online... all the hokkien la, japalang profanity all spewed out... someone said, sunday night's Channel 8 news must have had record-breaking viewership cos everyone too stunned to off TV...

damn waste my time and spoil ending... they should have just left it. we all buay song chen xi and yueniang not together and would have prefered a happier ending. but we also understand why yueniang made that choice... no need to treat us like idiots and go and explain why.

that's why Singapore cannot win korea or HK in terms of drama series... this clip really smear cow dung at themselves... so exasperated...

Sold Out!!!!!!! -.-

Got economic crisis meh???!!!!!! i went marketing yesterday morning and Cod fish was sold out!!!! =.= economic crisis is eat kunning and ikan bilis one, where got eat cod fish one???? and the pomfret... tiny one cost $6... from wet market k? day light robbery... *grumble grumble*

Sunday, 11 January 2009

I Win =D

hehehe... i wrote a letter to fancl newsletter and won BEST letter!!! =DDDDD the topic was "share your anti-aging secret" the prize is a sunblock and one-week's supply of vit C tablets ^^ hehehe this is not my first time winning best letter. that time i wrote to 8 days before also... although i can't rmb what the prize was cos it was really long ago and i think i didn't collect it cos it was in some ulu part of singapore LOL it just felt good that my letter appeared in the mag... even longer ago i won a clinique contest too. the topic was "when should you start using skincare and make-up?" my letter won me a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and lipstick.

last time i also won some misc lucky draw prizes like Microwave oven, swatch watch as well as company DnD lucky draw such as $300 chan brothers voucher and one othe small can't remember what prize in another year.

then long long ago i took part in The Pyramid Game twice and won $1500 worth of pierre cardin bags and $800 cash or something can't rmb... i was also caught on Gotcha! before LOL and they gave me tickets to go to the TV station to watch Moe Alkaf host the show and a Gotcha! cap which i threw until donno where liao...

not bad hor?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Movie Review: Red Cliff II (5*)


1st AH is for: Zhu Ge Liang is soooooooooooo shuai
2nd AH is for: Zhu Ge Liang is soooooooooooo cool
3rd AH is for: Zhu Ge Liang is soooooooooooo brilliant

Economic crisis hor... if you have $$$ only to watch one moobie this year, pls watch this one... it appeased me for the cheated feeling i had for the ending of Red Cliff I... the part on how Zhu Ge Liang and Zhou Yu outwitted Cao Cao is way brilliant!!!!! the chinese albeit a little cheem is v cool... i learnt that the chinese idiom Wan4 Shi4 Ju4 Bei4 Zhi3 Qian4 Dong1 Fong1 (everything ready, only left East wind) is from this story ^^ what a great way to learn Chinese! ^^ from the super shuai Takeshi Kaneshiro... haiz... if my Chinese teacher looked like him, i'd be kicking ass with my Chinese now LOL also, the Singapore met station should so employ Zhu Ge Liang as their weather forecaster la... that way Singapore's weather forecast will be much more accurate...

however, according to chris (who has read the history books), the story isn't accurate at at least 3 parts:

1. Arrows Harvest
is true. it really happened... the incident is accurate but well, it was really an attempt by Zhou Yu to get rid of Kong Ming (Zhu Ge Liang's nick). he basically tried to make things difficult for Kong Ming so he can kill him honourably but of cos, kong ming is so super smart he thought of that brilliant plan! =P ha! how i adore smart men... n this one, handsome AND smart some more *drool* according to chris, zhou yu sought to get rid of Kong Ming at every possible opportunity because he knew that once Chi Bi Zhi Zan (battle at the red cliff) is over, Kong Ming will be his greatest threat.

2. Cao Cao lost because of a cup of tea
is all BULL. it never happened. what a waste of screen time on the buay tahan-ly saccharin sweet Lin Chi Ling... -.- but ok, at least she wasn't molesting Tony Leung in this sequel. what REALLY happened is Zhou Yu really beat the hell out of his old general who then pretended to surrender to Cao Cao. that's how he got his ship to go near enough to set fire... in the movie, this was suggested by the old general but Zhou Yu replied with, "i will never do such a thing to my general." according to chris, he did lor.

3. Kong Ming and Zhou Yu very fliend
is also BULL. they didn't part on such amicable terms. Kong Ming had to flee because as soon as the battle began, Zhou Yu sent people to kill Kong Ming =(

and i wished they gave more screen time to the uber cool Guan Yu and his rebonded beard *grumble grumble* in a fight scene...that fight scene was too short la... they go and show him rolling Tang Yuan *slap forehead*

at the end of the movie...
me: dear, cao cao is a bad guy hor?
chris: no. there is no bad guy no good guy
me: ha?
chris: in war, there are no good guys bad guys.
me: oh? he2 chu1 ci3 yan2 (why leh?)
chris: in war, there are no good guys bad guys. only winners and losers and since winners write history, the winners will always be the good guys...

wa, so profound wor! makes sense makes sense...

overheard on a bus by a certain colleague's boyfriend...
SGN1: eh! the show hong2 qiang2 (red wall) coming neh!
SGN2: what hong2 qiang2??
SGN1: the red cliff one lor!

-___________________-||| die la, these young punks who know no history will all think Cao Cao lost the red cliff battle cos of a cup of tea -.-

Hard Core Fan

Some people are really hard core man... this is way too much la =P

Thursday, 8 January 2009

West & Claire Out To Play

so cute ^^

[shot w i-phone]

claire recently had some lao sai so we had to separate her from west by putting her in a cage but she is much better after the medication and happily playing with west ^^

My Cool Mug

haha... i changed the pic on my mug ^^

[shot w i-phone]

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Last Day Of Freedom =(

Today is my last day of freedom and choboh-ing =( so i went to celebrate at Takashimaya... i bought so many things... like really a lot a lot... mostly for CNY and some misc... then the Sisley cosmetic lady told me this weekend Taka got additional 10% off i was like ????? -.- but then again it's ok la... i don't really like to squeeze with people during sales. since today i was buying clothes, i'd rather not squeeze cos you know la, sale always fitting room super long Q one... try clothes long Q, buy shoes long Q, pay also long Q then skali no size... i fianlly bought my RED. HOT. UNDERWEAR today!!! woo hoo! CNY must wear red underwear one k! tradition =) bought a pink qipao and 2 pairs of pretteh shoes =D was going to be 3 actually but there was a slight blemish on the third pair so i have to collect it at Raffles City...

featuring my best buys...

my COOL mug!!! it says stainless mug but i think they meant stainless STEEL mug -.- the japs ah... *shake head* it's got a tea strainer and the circular thingy in the centre with an indentation is for storing tea leaves =) so your tea doesn't turn "old" hehe... you put hot water in the mug and when u feel like it, you add the tea leaves to the water then remove the tea strainer with the leaves so you don't overinfuse. and hor, the pic on the mug can change one neh... i haven't printed a pic yet though... COOOOL what a COOL mug!!!! =DDDD i think CY has something similar... his also can change picture one.

oh oh, n cute burberry baby tops for my cute nieces ^^ so cute so cute... half price neh! but looks a bit crumpled cos i'm too lazy to iron them la... so late liao

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Goldfish Eyes

HWA... last night's little nyonya i cried until soooooooo cham!!! i was so sad yueniang and chen xi are not together and the railway scene where yueniang yi dao liang duan (one knife two pieces) with chen xi and the broken-hearted man knelt on the track and wept, i cried and cried like someone broke off w me like that! and that scene when felicia chin found out her mama is joanne peh, HWA! i cried cats n dogs...

when yueniang died, i pushed open the study door...

me: dear! yueniang si le (yueniang died)!!!
chris: *glanceded at me... kpish kpish kerbabom kerbabom... you have a target? kpiang kpiang in the background* er... ok...

some people... so unsympathetic one -.-

Qi Ge Long Dong Qiang Dong Qiang

don't ask me what this means cos i also don't know LOL i think it means "7 cymbals or drums or something making the sounds qiang dong qiang" it's part of a CNY song which goes "Qi Ge Long Dong Qiang Dong Qiang, wo yao qu bai nian!"

wo yao qu bai nian means "i wanna go visit(ation during CNY)"

although i am v modern, i am also v traditional one (a bit oxymoron hor LOL)... CNY i will put up pussy willow with hand-made decorations... too bad my Chinese calligraphy kungfu is not too good although i have taken lessons before and i believe it's in my blood (my dad writes beautifully but he never really taught me or i was not too interested to learn when i was young) if not i will write chun lian (spring curtain i.e. chinese couplets) and i believe CNY must wear cheena cheena pok or red red one LOL

i enjoyed CNY visitation much more when i was younger cos last time it was:
Happy New Year! Ang Bao Bring Here!

Now is:
Happy New Year! Ang Bao Disappear -.-

haha... i saw these cute cheena baby outfits (skirt and top) and bought one each for my cute nieces ^^

chris says heng ah -_________-||| we don't have kids because he can imagine what i will make the whole family wear during CNY

My Miracle Sponge

Ah... cleaning is so much easier with this Miracle sponge. a seemingly innocent-looking white sponge, this small white sponge has some nanoteknologi thingy... this is such a necessity in my home because it cleans off ALMOST EVERY stain with just WATER. NO DETERGENT NEEDED! yes! just wet it, squeeze out excess water and wipe your kitchen table top, toaster oven, microwave oven, sink, kettle, rice cooker... anything la! i don't know about you but i am a little paranoid about cleaning the inside of my microwave oven, toaster oven and oven with detergent... i am scared there will be traces of it which when heated releases toxic fumes which mixes w the food =P i use it to clean bathroom shower door and tiles too. scrubs out the water marks and mould =P you could add a few drops of dettol to the water if you want. not so good with greasy surfaces (like your cooktop) though... i use a cleaning agent to remove the grease then use this as a final step to complete the look.

trust me, this is one piece of item you won't regret getting for your home, especially if you have kiddos and want to minimise using detergents. after i started using this, all my cleaning agents (this spray that spray la, this detergent that detergent la...) have been sitting in the shelf until they expired... LOL

oh, not the mention, gentle on the hands cos no detergent ma =)

mine is the pre-cut into 8 pieces one. they also sell the one big block one which u can cut with your kitchen knife.
$8.50 from takashimaya B1 (although Geraldine told me that she saw this at Daiso too... -.-)

Monday, 5 January 2009


The other day during bible study CY was talking about some personality type thingy and we realised that CY is quite like me while ling is v much like chris and concluded that if people like ling n chris got married, they'd get along perfectly fine whereas people like CY n me will probably be fighting all the time LOL

he said i was some sanguine thingy... not sure la... share the test leh...

well, i did this other test and my personality type is ESFJ.

here's the description... v zoon neh! LOL especially the parts i highlighted...

Providers take it upon themselves to insure the health and welfare of those in their care, but they are also the most sociable of all the Guardians, and thus are the great nurturers of social institutions such as schools, churches, social clubs, and civic groups. Providers are very likely more than ten percent of the population, and this is fortunate for the rest of us, because friendly social service is a key to their nature. Wherever they go, Providers happily give their time and energy to make sure that the needs of others are met, and that social functions are a success.

Highly cooperative themselves, Providers are skilled in maintaining teamwork among their helpers, and are also tireless in their attention to the details of furnishing goods and services. They make excellent chairpersons in charge of dances, banquets, class reunions, charity fund-raisers, and the like. They are without peer as masters of ceremonies, able to speak publicly with ease and confidence. And they are outstanding hosts or hostesses, knowing everyone by name, and seemingly aware of what everyone's been doing. Providers love to entertain, and are always concerned about the needs of their guests, wanting to make sure that all are involved and provided for.

Friendly, outgoing, neighborly - in a word, Providers are gregarious, so much so that they can become restless when isolated from people. They love to talk with others, and will often strike up a conversation with strangers and chat pleasantly about any topic that comes to mind. Friendships matter a great deal to Providers, and their conversations with friends often touch on good times from years past. Family traditions are also sacred to them, and they carefully observe birthdays and anniversaries. In addition, Providers show a delightful fascination with news of their friends and neighbors. If we wish to know what's been going on in the local community, school, or church, they're happy to fill us in on all the details.

Providers are extremely sensitive to the feelings of others, which makes them perhaps the most sympathetic of all the types, but which also leaves them somewhat self-conscious, that is, highly sensitive to what others think of them. Loving and affectionate themselves, they need to be loved in return. In fact, Providers can be crushed by personal criticism, and are happiest when given ample appreciation both for themselves personally and for the tireless service they give to others.

and best job fit...

It is not uncommon to find them in health care, as a physician, nurse, or respiratory therapist. They also can be attracted to the field of education, social service, or religion. In business they may be a retail owner, receptionist, real estate agent, or sales representative. The common theme is their service to others.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Good Mood

oh, and i'm in a good mood because firstly, i finished sucking windows and also, the bad people in little nyonya are getting their just desserts! FWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! alexandra going to jail, old huang lady kena stroke, handsome guy hates real pig


can't wait to see charlie and robert zhang DIE!!!!


Ying Chun Jie Fu

Ying2 Chun1 Jie1 Fu2 means "welcome spring and prosperity"

one of the tasks i hate when spring cleaning is sucking windows... yeah... u know my house got full length windows right? i will use gi-gi to suck them and i like to suck until squeaky clean. the best way to do it is suck first then clean off the remains w newspaper... but it's super tiring and i wish i can climb outside n suck. u know, tie a rope around my waist like those who kena trapped on singapore flyer that day. then i can suck the outside until clean clean... but chris thinks i have mild OCD and that it's a crazy idea... he thinks the windows don't need to be THAT clean cos it will get dirty anyway.

his philosophy when cleaning is: if u can't see, it's clean. if it's not too clean, then don't let ann see. everything will get dirty again anyway -.-

like that might as well don't clean! -.-

but ah.... =) i have done most of the spring cleaning except packing my wardrobe... need to buy crabtree and evelyn drawer liners first.

pack n clean kitchen - done =)
suck windows - done =)
pack bomb shelter - done =)
clean glass in house - done =)
put up CNY decor - done =)
pack study >.> at chris
pack wardrobe - need buy drawer liner first


My Husband's Wife Says The Darnest Things

31 dec 2008 we were counting down in church and after pastor announced, "it is time! welcome to 2009!", we sang the dedication hymn And Can It Be and halfway through the first verse, i turned to chris...

me: eh dear, this song i want for my funeral hor! remember ha! And Can It Be!
chris: -.- u got smelly mouth!


Malu Baluku

i was saying to sing that song i need to swim, run n do crunches right... so the other day i went to CY n ling's place for a swim. when i was about to reach, CY told me they were cooking dinner why not head straight to the pool... i had walked there (about 30 mins) so i was already quite tired =P end up i didn't swim for v long. i had wanted to just wash myself at the club house but i couldn't find the shower, only the WC n i forgot to bring a plastic bag for my wet swimsuit so i went up to CY place... i wrapped myself in a towel (swimsuit inside la!) and walked walked walked... don't know how i walk end up in the carpark!
-_____- so i kinda got lost in the carpark and yes, i was still wearing my swimsuit and My Melody towel -_______-||| i circle circle couldn't find the lobby so i asked a resident... "erm... may i know where is unit XX?" he 0.0 me like i was some siao chabor and pointed to the correct direction... then i had to enter the lift w CY's neighbour (the one opp his unit... how i know leh? cos he got off at the same level and opened that door la! duh... -.-) so paiseh...

ring door bell... ding dong...

no answer

ring again... ding dong...

no answer again... don't tell me they are making love... can't be leh, ling is quite pregnant liao... should be dangerous... don't tell me they went down to the pool too n i missed them? can't be leh... gate open... CY not so blur one. he is v systematic. he said he will close door, close gate and CHECK that he has locked both...

call ling...

tru... tru... no answer...

call CY...

tru... tru... AH! finally got answer!

me: er hi CY, i'm at your door! =P
CY: oh! so sorry!

turned out they were watching some loud movie called Death Race starring some hot bod (minus the chest hair) who used to be some olympic swimmer... so they didn't hear the door bell ring

when i entered i zhioooooppp! cheong to the toilet n quickly changed into my dry clothes. CY passed me a plastic bag for the swimsuit and towel...

so malu so malu!

next time rmb to bring plastic bag!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Butter Curls

haha... just wanted to show the pretty butter curls made with my butter curler ^^