Monday, 19 January 2009

4 Pairs of Eyes

Golly.. you need 4 pairs of eyes to drive neh... want to turn right that time must

1. glance at rear view mirror
2. signal
3. glance at right side mirror
4. glance at right blindspot
5. filter right
6. repeat 1-4 then turn

wait! it's not GLANCE! must TURN HEAD and look k????!!!!!!!! WA! jin boh eng neh!!! turn here turn there your eyes not on the road le what????!!!!!!!!! -.- so need 4 pairs of eyes to glance at rear mirror, right mirror, blindspot and one on the road -.-


and sunday over dinner

father-in-law: your car no corners one, v hard to gauge... my friend also has that model he keeps knocking his car!
chris: -.- it's a matter of SKILL, not CAR.
father-in-law: -.-
mother-in-law: Ni Li Hai, Ke Shi Ann ne? (you pro but ann how?)

wa, my mother-in-law so see me no up...

then after dinner while sending ah ma home..

me: ah ma, wa keok leh sin leow zai ler tng lai ^^ (ah ma, after i get my license i can drive you home)
ah ma: hehehe... *worried look*


my goodest bestest friend told me her first driving exam she mounted curb then landed in a long kang they had to call crane to kiap up the car -_____-||| IMMEDIATE FAILURE!


my exam date: 13/04/09 very inauspicious some more... i have bad feeling...