Thursday, 29 January 2009

Apple Rules

in a world that Apple rules, i CANNOT! simply CANNOT believe there are STUPID @#$@#%@#$^@$%#%#@%@#$^ websites that still don't support apple!!!!! i mean, where are their IT morons from???? ice-age???? only support IE???? *spurt blood*


i am SUPER SUPER SUPER pissed now... KNS

grace n i have been trying to log on to a website to do some very urgent and important matter and it kept giving us the same idiotic message. then grace called them and made noise then were told their website DOESN'T support firefox, safari etc... KNS

so i had to interrupt chris from his very important battle to use the only PC in our house and he got so pissed and i also got so pissed so we screamed at each other. i swear if i was drowning in my bath tub and called to him for help, he'd finish his game first then come n rescue me. of cos i would have died by then.

i am so fed up now...