Friday, 23 January 2009

Bing Shan Xue Lian

means "Ice Mountain Snow Lotus"

yeah, that's the new product I bought that claims to comtain the extract of Snow Lotus. for those who are familiar with cheena pok fighting shows, you will have heard of this wonder plant that supposedly can ching bai du (purge 100 poisons) and zhi wan bing (sure 10,000 illnesses) think it's also an elixir, eat already will chang sheng bu lao (long life won't grow old).

of cos, all these movies like to exaggerate stuff one la...

but clarin's claims to have cultured snow lotus and this 3-week regime promises youthful-looking skin. the last time i used the previous generation product, someone i hadn't met for a long time remarked, "wa, what did you do? you look younger!" LOL so of cos, when i saw the same line of product with the additional miracle ingredient, i didn't hesitate to grab one box =P

can't wait... =)