Sunday, 11 January 2009

I Win =D

hehehe... i wrote a letter to fancl newsletter and won BEST letter!!! =DDDDD the topic was "share your anti-aging secret" the prize is a sunblock and one-week's supply of vit C tablets ^^ hehehe this is not my first time winning best letter. that time i wrote to 8 days before also... although i can't rmb what the prize was cos it was really long ago and i think i didn't collect it cos it was in some ulu part of singapore LOL it just felt good that my letter appeared in the mag... even longer ago i won a clinique contest too. the topic was "when should you start using skincare and make-up?" my letter won me a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and lipstick.

last time i also won some misc lucky draw prizes like Microwave oven, swatch watch as well as company DnD lucky draw such as $300 chan brothers voucher and one othe small can't remember what prize in another year.

then long long ago i took part in The Pyramid Game twice and won $1500 worth of pierre cardin bags and $800 cash or something can't rmb... i was also caught on Gotcha! before LOL and they gave me tickets to go to the TV station to watch Moe Alkaf host the show and a Gotcha! cap which i threw until donno where liao...

not bad hor?