Monday, 26 January 2009

Lying About Your Age

wa, my 2nd uncle told me my grandma is 100 years old according to the chinese calendar. she was born in 1910 in the year of the pig so this year, english-ly she is 99 but cheena-ly she is 100 already!!! wa!!!

but hor, she is v vain one, people ask her she will say 80+ LOL

me: AH MA, LER GUI HWEH? (ah ma, how old r u? btw, talk to my ah ma must shout cos she has hearing difficulty)
ah ma: HA?? MI KAI? (ha? what?)
me: *repeat question*
ah ma: wa em kee tek liow (i can't remember)
me: JEK PAIRK AH? (100 ah?)
ah ma: bor la! bor jek pairk! (no la, not 100 la!)
me: POIK ZAK POIK? (88?)
ah ma: ah ah...

she is so cute la... refuse to admit how old she actually is... LOL then she asked me how old i am i told her i am 25. chris -.- me LOL