Saturday, 10 January 2009

Movie Review: Red Cliff II (5*)


1st AH is for: Zhu Ge Liang is soooooooooooo shuai
2nd AH is for: Zhu Ge Liang is soooooooooooo cool
3rd AH is for: Zhu Ge Liang is soooooooooooo brilliant

Economic crisis hor... if you have $$$ only to watch one moobie this year, pls watch this one... it appeased me for the cheated feeling i had for the ending of Red Cliff I... the part on how Zhu Ge Liang and Zhou Yu outwitted Cao Cao is way brilliant!!!!! the chinese albeit a little cheem is v cool... i learnt that the chinese idiom Wan4 Shi4 Ju4 Bei4 Zhi3 Qian4 Dong1 Fong1 (everything ready, only left East wind) is from this story ^^ what a great way to learn Chinese! ^^ from the super shuai Takeshi Kaneshiro... haiz... if my Chinese teacher looked like him, i'd be kicking ass with my Chinese now LOL also, the Singapore met station should so employ Zhu Ge Liang as their weather forecaster la... that way Singapore's weather forecast will be much more accurate...

however, according to chris (who has read the history books), the story isn't accurate at at least 3 parts:

1. Arrows Harvest
is true. it really happened... the incident is accurate but well, it was really an attempt by Zhou Yu to get rid of Kong Ming (Zhu Ge Liang's nick). he basically tried to make things difficult for Kong Ming so he can kill him honourably but of cos, kong ming is so super smart he thought of that brilliant plan! =P ha! how i adore smart men... n this one, handsome AND smart some more *drool* according to chris, zhou yu sought to get rid of Kong Ming at every possible opportunity because he knew that once Chi Bi Zhi Zan (battle at the red cliff) is over, Kong Ming will be his greatest threat.

2. Cao Cao lost because of a cup of tea
is all BULL. it never happened. what a waste of screen time on the buay tahan-ly saccharin sweet Lin Chi Ling... -.- but ok, at least she wasn't molesting Tony Leung in this sequel. what REALLY happened is Zhou Yu really beat the hell out of his old general who then pretended to surrender to Cao Cao. that's how he got his ship to go near enough to set fire... in the movie, this was suggested by the old general but Zhou Yu replied with, "i will never do such a thing to my general." according to chris, he did lor.

3. Kong Ming and Zhou Yu very fliend
is also BULL. they didn't part on such amicable terms. Kong Ming had to flee because as soon as the battle began, Zhou Yu sent people to kill Kong Ming =(

and i wished they gave more screen time to the uber cool Guan Yu and his rebonded beard *grumble grumble* in a fight scene...that fight scene was too short la... they go and show him rolling Tang Yuan *slap forehead*

at the end of the movie...
me: dear, cao cao is a bad guy hor?
chris: no. there is no bad guy no good guy
me: ha?
chris: in war, there are no good guys bad guys.
me: oh? he2 chu1 ci3 yan2 (why leh?)
chris: in war, there are no good guys bad guys. only winners and losers and since winners write history, the winners will always be the good guys...

wa, so profound wor! makes sense makes sense...

overheard on a bus by a certain colleague's boyfriend...
SGN1: eh! the show hong2 qiang2 (red wall) coming neh!
SGN2: what hong2 qiang2??
SGN1: the red cliff one lor!

-___________________-||| die la, these young punks who know no history will all think Cao Cao lost the red cliff battle cos of a cup of tea -.-