Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My Miracle Sponge

Ah... cleaning is so much easier with this Miracle sponge. a seemingly innocent-looking white sponge, this small white sponge has some nanoteknologi thingy... this is such a necessity in my home because it cleans off ALMOST EVERY stain with just WATER. NO DETERGENT NEEDED! yes! just wet it, squeeze out excess water and wipe your kitchen table top, toaster oven, microwave oven, sink, kettle, rice cooker... anything la! i don't know about you but i am a little paranoid about cleaning the inside of my microwave oven, toaster oven and oven with detergent... i am scared there will be traces of it which when heated releases toxic fumes which mixes w the food =P i use it to clean bathroom shower door and tiles too. scrubs out the water marks and mould =P you could add a few drops of dettol to the water if you want. not so good with greasy surfaces (like your cooktop) though... i use a cleaning agent to remove the grease then use this as a final step to complete the look.

trust me, this is one piece of item you won't regret getting for your home, especially if you have kiddos and want to minimise using detergents. after i started using this, all my cleaning agents (this spray that spray la, this detergent that detergent la...) have been sitting in the shelf until they expired... LOL

oh, not the mention, gentle on the hands cos no detergent ma =)

mine is the pre-cut into 8 pieces one. they also sell the one big block one which u can cut with your kitchen knife.
$8.50 from takashimaya B1 (although Geraldine told me that she saw this at Daiso too... -.-)