Sunday, 25 January 2009

My New Nest

wa, on wed i moved to the cubicle next to mine... ok ok, i know you're wondering why on earth do i want to move to the cubicle next to mine????!!!! well, on tue when i visited my beautician, she said that my left cheek has more freckles than my right and warned me that if i don't take care, it'll SPREAD!!!! GASP! and i knew it is because of my current sitting position. you see, my cubicle is right beside the window and when i sit down, my left cheek is exposed to the ravages of sun's rays!!!! GAH! the cubicle beside however faces inside so the sun doesn't hit the face at all. so immediately i SMSed my boss...

me: hi, good evening, can i move to XX cubicle?
boss: shouldn't be a problem. what's your reason?
me: er... if i tell you, you will faint...
boss: ok, tell me tmr

so the next morning i went to his office... boss was typing something on his lap top

boss: so, what's your reason?
me: do you want the truth?
boss: what do you think?
me: ok... it's cos *repeat above story*
boss: *stunned for a while, fingers stop typing, blink blink* ok, that's a good reason.
me: thanks =)

so i spent FOUR hours on wed moving to the cubicle beside and even after throwing these (actually there was one more bag),

my cubicle still looks like this. LOL

oh oh, i found these... ah yo, i can't believe i still have such old teknologi lying around!!! chris will find it such a disgrace LOL

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