Sunday, 25 January 2009

Never-Ending Spring Cleaning

haiz, if you're mildly OCD like me, your spring cleaning will be never-ending cos when u r doing something, you will always see or remember something else that needs to be done...

after the weekends of:
sucking windows
sucking glass walls
cleaning kitchen
packing kitchen
packing bomb shelter

i finally managed to get some drawer liners so today, apart from the usual:
change pond water
change pussy willow water
suck floor
scrub toilet

i had to:
pack wardrobe
touch up ceiling with paint
change light bulb
wipe stove
suck mattress, reclining chair n couch
wipe shelves

so as i was painting the ceiling (we changed 3 lights so have to touch up cos there were marks from the old light), then
i realised that there were some insects in the lampshades, so i took them down to wash. thought might as well wash all 9 of them.
then while fixing back the lampshade of my toilet light, i realised that the top of my bathroom water pipe is dirty so i cleaned it
then while cleaning the top of the water pipe, i realised that the top of the rod holding the shower curtain is dirty so i cleaned it too.
then while cleaning the water pipe and curtain rod, some dirt dropped to the floor so i wiped them up then i realised the sides of my WC are a bit dirty so i cleaned it.

later on when i rinsed the rag, i hung it on the window ledge to dry then i realised i have cleaned ALL the windows except my kitchen window!!! AAAHH! so i cleaned my kitchen window too.

then i cleaned my water filter and cut myself (didn't expect the plastic to be so sharp... first time it happened, last time was ok) so i went to get some antiseptic and plaster then i realised i have cleaned ALL kitchen cabinet doors inside and outside EXCEPT the inside of this one -.- so i cleaned it.

then chris wet the toilet floor so i went to mop it then i realised i should change the mop head so i changed it and while using the screwdriver i remembered one of the kitchen cabinet doors is a bit not aligned properly so i repaired it. and since i was at it, might as well test all doors see which ones needs tightening. turns out one other door needs it.

then i was v thristy so sat on the floor and drank milk n realised my kitchen table legs r not v clean so i cleaned them...

see la, never ending one -.-

oh oh, but i found my Dior shades =) i thought i lost it *phew*

i am v v tired now...

oh wait, forgot to wipe piano... n check whether the dining table legs r clean... oh, there's a corner of my fridge that is a bit dirty...

no need sleep liao zzzz...