Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Qi Ge Long Dong Qiang Dong Qiang

don't ask me what this means cos i also don't know LOL i think it means "7 cymbals or drums or something making the sounds qiang dong qiang" it's part of a CNY song which goes "Qi Ge Long Dong Qiang Dong Qiang, wo yao qu bai nian!"

wo yao qu bai nian means "i wanna go visit(ation during CNY)"

although i am v modern, i am also v traditional one (a bit oxymoron hor LOL)... CNY i will put up pussy willow with hand-made decorations... too bad my Chinese calligraphy kungfu is not too good although i have taken lessons before and i believe it's in my blood (my dad writes beautifully but he never really taught me or i was not too interested to learn when i was young) if not i will write chun lian (spring curtain i.e. chinese couplets) and i believe CNY must wear cheena cheena pok or red red one LOL

i enjoyed CNY visitation much more when i was younger cos last time it was:
Happy New Year! Ang Bao Bring Here!

Now is:
Happy New Year! Ang Bao Disappear -.-

haha... i saw these cute cheena baby outfits (skirt and top) and bought one each for my cute nieces ^^

chris says heng ah -_________-||| we don't have kids because he can imagine what i will make the whole family wear during CNY