Thursday, 29 January 2009

Short Fuse

why do i have such a short fuse this evening?

1. it's going to be the WRONG time of the month soon, idiot! ROAR!!!!!

2. i asked chris to switch on the heater for me, he forgot so the water was not hot and i HATE showering with cold water. it makes me feel he cares for west and claire more than he cares for me. he remembered to bring home the pellets from the car (sometimes he forgets to bring up my stuff when i remind and remind and remind him to). he remembered to feed them the newly-bought pellets (we ran out of pellets yesterday). but he forgot to switch on the heater for me.

3. internet is super slow tonight.

4. TWO stupid websites i went to and need to access urgently don't support APPLE. their IT managers should just quit, seriously. no, they should just shut down the entire department. idiots. complete idiots.

5. it's 29th jan, the opening of driving lesson slots for march at my driving school so it's a very stressful time for me. slots open for booking at 6pm. i am not like some crazy singaporeans who Q up at 1pm or ask their maids to Q up. i had driving lesson today at 650pm so i dropped off and got a Q number: 37. the Q number they were serving was FOUR. forget it -.- i will log on and book through the internet... which i didn't really manage to because today's internet is super slow.

6. my driving instructor says my turning is still not smooth and i grab the steering wheel too tightly, all my veins pop out. he said if he is the tester, he won't pass me =( i was utterly crushed... DDD=

7. when grace had the same problem with the website and we consulted chris, he INTERROGATED her (like he always does to me when i claim that the IT fails one me like i am some moron) and made her so fed up too but she just swallowed it. just because you are an IT guru doesn't give you the right to think everyone else is a moron.

8. today's TNP got story about some wolf-heart-dog-lung man who raped his stepdaughters for 10 years. read story here.

9. the wanton mee at kovan (i had dinner there before driving lesson) gave so little noodle i eat not full so felt v cheated cos there was a Q so i thought it must be nice.

10. chris is ignoring me now. he is back playing his games again...

so you say, should i be angry??!!! ROAR!!!