Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shu Nuu Become Siao Cha Bor

Shu Nuu = Demure Girl
Siao Cha Bor = Crazy Woman

wa... yesterday after work, my whole body was aching (especially my right hand) and i zzz... at 830 pm =P you see, it's was our corporate community outreach event for my dept yesterday and we sold handphone straps from the organisation, popcorn, chips and drinks to raise funds for an organisation that we selected. the popcorn was such a hit! and we're very proud of the packaging =)

initially we were sitting there v demurely packing the popcorn. atmosphere was cosy, we were chatting, like some elegant ladies gathering... TF was opening up the bags (which she called envelopes) for filling with popcorn, i was scooping, someone was pouring popcorn, S and some others were sticking sticker lovingly, ensuring the sticker matched the bags.

then someone said...

someone: we need 143 packs (pre-ordered), we have only packed 40+

we glanced at time - 15 mins LEFT.

then we AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! suddenly kee siao! HWA, all of us instantly transformed into siao cha bor and the place also turned into a battlefield. Miss Lee n i were furiously scooping the popcorn.

TF: ann! you still chit chat chit chat!!!!
someone: HURRY UP!!!! AAAAHHH! not more talking!!!
CC: i do what??? i do what??? quick quick!
me: arggghhhh, my hand v pain!
CC: *raining sweat cos she was the multi-tasker* you sitting down you dare to say!
TF: ENVELOPE!!!! ENVELOPE!!!! someone pass me ENVELOPE!!!!
S: AAHHH!!! just now i still got coordinate colours!!! now don't care already!!!
TF: POPCORN! POPCORN!!! more popcorn!!!!

then two siao cha bors quickly poured more popcorn to refill the container....

kring kring!!!! Miss Lee's phone rang...

me: not free not free!!!!

she picked up, EC was on the line... she kiap the phone between her neck n shoulder and talked to EC while scooping popcorn with the another hand... EC must be wondering why her side so noisy... n think she wasn't concentrating so those few packs she scooped all half one...

me: too slow too slow...!!!! go and wash another container!!!!! quick quick!

so HM cheong to wash n wipe v v dry another container and ppppiiiissshhhh! they poured more popcorn into that and started another assembly line... and Miss Lee was standing in the centre she sometimes scoop from left sometimes scoop from right... v funny...

P was counting...

P: 100 already!!!!
someone: YAY YAY!!!! some more some more...

TF: you all don't keep scooping, someone stick sticker!!!! wait lao hong!!!!
CC: ok, i stick... er but i think i stick v slow!
me: AAH! i stick i stick! u scoop!
CC: Ann! your scoop v slow! my styrofoam cup faster!
me: no more sticker!!!! sticker! sticker!!!

someone flung some stickers at me... got sticker just stick liao, don't care colour ngum anot...

so after the bing bing biang biang, we finally managed to pack 200 packets and cheong down to sell.... =P if you're wondering what the men r doing leaving us girls to do the hardwork, you're wrong... the male muscles were downstairs carrying tables n chairs to set up our stall...

the sales at the counters in the lounge and canteen were ok only so some of us decided to put on our thickest skin to peddle our products...

we'd ambush our colleagues by surrounding their desk...

us: =DDDDDDD hi! want some popcorn???
colleague: ??? er.... o....k....
us: need a drink to wash it down? how about a handphone strap? got pink, blue, black, white.
me: got photographic evidence that you got do charity! *point my DSLR with fisheye lens near near at the person*
colleague: O.O!!!

if colleague says...
colleague: i got no small change, only $50...
us: then thank you for your donation! =DDDDD
colleague: !!!! -_______-|||

while we were peddling, we saw poor J pushing a big tub of ice (for the drinks) on a trolley in his nicely-pressed long-sleeved shirt... he looked v kelian... LOL

hahaha.... so fun... we were all v v tired but had loads of fun. although we were v aggressive and frightened our colleagues, they were v helpful n generous so our event was a great success ^^