Sunday, 25 January 2009

That Is Ze Wrong Answer!!!

You know i cut my finger (thumb) while cleaning so i kinda lost the use of my thumb. can't eat chicken wing -.- can't really work the fork and knife. fork and spoon is still ok though, chopsticks also ok.

so we were at my mum's today for steamboat reunion and i looked at the prawns (i think i'm the only weirdo who peels prawns when i prepare for steamboat other than CY n Ling cos i made them LOL) and lamented...

me: hm... =( i can't peel prawn *sulk*
chris: then don't eat lor

my kor, my sis-in-law n me ALL stared at him!!!

sis-in-law: that's not the correct answer!!!

i bolted up from my seat, got a plate, fork and spoon and proceeded to peel my prawn... in silence.

chris: oh oh, er dear, i peel for you! =D
me: too late *SULK*