Sunday, 25 January 2009

This One Big Or Small?

This was the most frequently asked question by my mum today -.- everytime she carried one of my twin nieces, she'd ask that
-.- as their grandma, she can't distinguish between gwyneth and kyrstin... diao... and they weren't even wearing the same colour k? after a while she figured out...

mum: oh, i identify by the colour of their clothes.
me: -______-||| so if they wear same how?
mum: then confused again lor

but then again, my kor says most people can't distinguish. when i said i can, he tested me by whipping out his phone and randomly picking pics (most crazy parents will have tonnes of their kids' pics in their phone -.-) i got 80% correct and he was v impressed.

ah bu then, i'm their ultimate doting gu gu ma, of cos i can tell the diff between kyrstin and gwyneth.