Friday, 2 January 2009

Ying Chun Jie Fu

Ying2 Chun1 Jie1 Fu2 means "welcome spring and prosperity"

one of the tasks i hate when spring cleaning is sucking windows... yeah... u know my house got full length windows right? i will use gi-gi to suck them and i like to suck until squeaky clean. the best way to do it is suck first then clean off the remains w newspaper... but it's super tiring and i wish i can climb outside n suck. u know, tie a rope around my waist like those who kena trapped on singapore flyer that day. then i can suck the outside until clean clean... but chris thinks i have mild OCD and that it's a crazy idea... he thinks the windows don't need to be THAT clean cos it will get dirty anyway.

his philosophy when cleaning is: if u can't see, it's clean. if it's not too clean, then don't let ann see. everything will get dirty again anyway -.-

like that might as well don't clean! -.-

but ah.... =) i have done most of the spring cleaning except packing my wardrobe... need to buy crabtree and evelyn drawer liners first.

pack n clean kitchen - done =)
suck windows - done =)
pack bomb shelter - done =)
clean glass in house - done =)
put up CNY decor - done =)
pack study >.> at chris
pack wardrobe - need buy drawer liner first