Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ba Wang Can

Chi Ba Wang Can means "eat a meal already never pay"

well, recently we ate Ba Wang Can... unintentionally...

today i was shopping at the minimart downstairs, running my eyes across the loaves of bread when the Zichar stall girl came over my shoulder...

girl: xiao jie, that time you called to order an assam fish n veg... erm... you have not paid...
me: HA????!!! what?
girl: ya, you came down to eat but you forgot to pay... you were with a man...
me: GASP!!! oh no... so sorry... ya ya, we forgot to pay and just went home... that's my husband... oh dear... how much is it?
girl: $XX
me: *rummage through my LV wallet* er... i don't have enough cash... nets can?
girl: er... cannot... never mind la, another day...
me: so sorry >.<

then i think she went back to tell her colleagues and they looked at me... they must be wondering... this woman dress so nicely, nice shoes, nice bag, nice wallet... no money to pay -.-

Wa biang, so malu!!! i quickly went home, grabbed some leftover ang bao money and went down to pay her...

over dinner....

me: dear, remember that day we had assam fish n veg downstairs?
chris: ya?
me: we eat already slap slap backside came home didn't pay!!!
chris: !!!! ha??!!
me: ya!
chris: oh dear... haha... now that u say, ya... haha... oops, sorry =D
me: so malu! we eat ba wang can!!!

they also didn't stop us cos the zichar stall downstairs is usually v v crowded so i think they didn't notice until we left =P LOL