Saturday, 28 February 2009

Baby Woes

no, i'm not pregnant! wait long long er...

well last night pris she said she knows someone who got retrenched at 8 months pregnancy -.- angry... the employer is so ying xian!!! how can he do that?? and what's worse is this lady's sister also suffered the same fate! so now both sisters kena forced to be "tai tai" at home.

how can people have the peace of mind to procreate and start a family with employers like that??? i think they should shoot letter to PM Lee, cc to Minister for Manpower and shoot another letter to forum page. hearing things like that just makes my blood boil. as it is, having a kid already implies various incurred costs and not to mention FUTURE increase in expenses and the employer had the heart to just retrench them like that!!!

>.< angry