Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Better F&B Standard

Crystal Jade Korean seriously needs a salad spinner. that day we ordered the BBQ beef rib (the more expensive one, $26 per plate) which was supposed to be served with lettuce and it came with a plate of DRIPPING WET lettuce -.- how can like that???? there was even a layer of water at the bottom! wa piang... how can i go to a restaurant, pay money to eat and yet, the lettuce is not as dry as if i have had it at home???!!!! how can? you say how can????? *wave hands frantically in the air*

and that time i ordered tea at a cafe (can't remember name), they gave me a COLD teacup. yes. cold like from the fridge and they expect me to pour my HOT tea into the COLD cup!!!! i was so pissed... told the waitress...

me: -.- the teacup is cold
waitress: ha???

she didn't get the idea so i asked to see the manager and then the manager quickly gave me a warmed teacup.

buay tahan the horrible standard.