Saturday, 28 February 2009

Budget Video and Photographs

when we got married, we were on a budget so we made THE BIG MISTAKE of getting our friends to shoot photos n video for us. at that time i wasn't into photography yet so i didn't know people like MRT, roy, rog or chek so imagine point n shoots n compact video cams -.-

our video guy W was the WORST!!! he is chris' goodest bestest friend (they've known each other for more than 20 years, since pembry school). he'd walk with the video cam so the whole thing looked like the blair witch project and when he wanted to enter our houses and needed to take off his shoes, he pointed the cam down at his feet!!!!!!!!!!! needless to say, we ended up with NO photos of our wedding and NO video as well cos, even the not-photog-trained me at that time couldn't tahan the lousy quality of the photos n videos -______-|||

that day in the car...

chris: dear, W is getting married
me: oh? can i offer to be his video girl? i want take revenge.
chris: NO!!!!
me: i want. tell him i'll be his video girl... go
chris: NO DEAR! u r v vindictive
me: i want. then i will video my feet when i take off shoes...

eh, at least my shoes will look nice k?

*grumble grumble*