Thursday, 12 February 2009


I am suffering from EEP - Exhaustion due to Excessive Photography... as yall know, i've been taking photos for my company and the past one month or so has been shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot *pant pant*

at times, when i see my photos, i think they're quite nice... then i see MRT's photos and i want to dig a hole and hide LOL

MRT: eh, this time i only edit 3-4...
me: oh? wa...
MRT: cos my D3 the colour v nice! =DD
me: you win lor... my 400D edit ka ai see -.-

affirms my theory of "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys" -.-

after a while, i feel that my photos look the same... nothing fresh or new. i feel sian looking at my own photos. but i have absolutely no time to chute any pattern and no money to upgrade -.-

now DELETE function is my favourite. shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot delete. shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot delete. that way not so many photos to plough through at the end of each event. that time the big event i shoot 606 photos from 5:30pm to 9pm -_______-||| end up only edit 45. i usually select less than 10% to edit and i do only simple tweaking like contrast, curves, blacks, exposure. i don't use photoshop. i find it too painful. lightroom is my choice tool and for every event, there will be at most 3 i really like n try to edit nicely =) AT MOST 3 means 0-3 la. so sometimes don't have haha

MRT only levels his photos in photoshop. roy just plonks everything onto server LOL ... even our cam whore photos -.- he didn't know G n i cam whored with his camera that day. MRT saw on the server and asked "wa! what u all doing ha??!!! fooling around?!" hahaha... kelvin, is like me will try to edit nice nice (if have time) but he uses photoshop.

now, for every event, i

1. shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
2. open CF card in PC look see look see. not nice = DELETE! don't bother rotating first.
3. then copy all uneditted ones onto server in new folder, label date YYYYMMDD event name. subfolder ANN.
4. then plug out CF card, cha into margaret, view pics on PC, but select photos to edit in lightrrom on margaret.
5. export edited ones out into burn folder, subfolder "selected" or "postprocessed". i use "selected" if i tired chin chai-ly edit. i use "postprocessed" if i try to edit sui sui. LOL
6. export one more time 350 x 250 for uploading onto website. put into "screen view" subfolder in burn folder.
7. copy the rest of the uneditted ones into burn folder. so burn folder contains ALL uneditted ones, selected/postprocessed and screen views.
8. burn into CD. eject CD. label CD
9. put CD back into PC and load "selected" and "screen view" onto server.
10. while waiting, load the screen views using margaret onto website ONE BY ONE.
11. keep CD in sleeve.

steps 6 and 10 only for tua liap events. those ikan bilis ones no need. but still, it's tiring. i wonder how MRT does it... his shoes v big to fill... *pant*

o the reason why i need to use two computers - 1 PC 1 apple is cos my PC ain't got no lightroom and my apple can't load onto server -.- diao LOL

hope i don't get EEEP which is Extreme EEP. i very scared i will tio durian syndrome. last time i liked durian one. but one day my dad bought a lot a lot of durian my whole family eat n eat n eat. put in fridge. breakfast - eat. lunch - eat. dinner - eat. so i just suddenly hate durian... until now.