Friday, 6 February 2009

Ginger Is Old Then Spicy

The Chinese have a saying "Ginger is old then spicy" and that can't be more true when it comes to my ex-colleague MRT. remember MRT has retired? So I have taken over him as the main photographer and yesterday I covered my first big event, this time in my birkies rather than ferragamos =P and boy was I completely wasted! although MRT has retired, he came back to help out and armed with his Olympus (er... MRT has A FEW camera bodies and as many lenses as I have shoes! LOL), he trotted around the compound snapping away THE WHOLE DAY.

the event organisers machiam pattern more than badminton so i cheong here cheong there... by afternoon, i was really sngair =PPPPP then in between i had to meet clients but i was sooooo tired that i looked like a zombie LOL i felt super sticky, hungry n exhausted. from my head to my toe, i was aching so after lunch i eat snake a bit rested in my cubicle before meeting some more clients then went down again to fire away. mind you, MRT also had to meet clients k? he was not chobo chobo k? =P wa, he shoot until right arm all soaked in sweat (cos of strap). i was wearing a dress -.- hehehe... and roy, he was using a canon 1D slapped with 70-200 f/2.8L -.- siao one... it's like carrying a zng tao (brick) and cheonging around LOL

then i quickly edit edit a bit on my mac and i was using my mac on the right, PC on the left. one side edit and upload onto corporate website, the other side upload onto server... use PC that time scroll up down cannot two fingers v pek cek... hahaha...

this morning i was contemplating whether to tiak ko yok on my aching shoulders but scared chris say i aunty so didn't... wa, today must cheong home to sleep... i left half a life... tmr evening one more round.

but i think some of my photos turned out not bad and roy said so too so i'm v tired but happy =DD