Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Jack Of All Trades

i've always thought i'm a jack of all trades and pick up things v fast... but recently, i discovered TWO areas i lack in =(

as you all know, i started taking driving lessons... my instructor told me that day...

instructor: hm... maybe you should pay daytona... it will help.
me: -.-

and my office just started some wellbeing personal enrichment programme for staff (now v liu2 xing2 a lot of corporate bodies do that) and i signed up for guitar. after the first lesson, i excitedly showed my other colleagues HY and HM what i learnt (which was stand by me)

HM: *silence*
HY: i think you should stick to singing

*sobs* guitar's not my thing... finger pain, wrist pain... play F chord so difficult. piano just DANG! F! guitar got to think... er which string ha? which fret ha? -.-

next round i will sign up for cooking. can learn ayam buah keluak etc... the chim stuff. better.