Friday, 13 February 2009

Lao Ga Kachng Tia

in hokkien means "diarrhoea until backside pain"

when u have runny nose you keep blowing n wiping your nose until your nose is raw n sore right... i had the diarhhoea equivalent -.-

last night v v tired so zonked off at about 10... then 11 plus wa, stomach acute pain i woke up, toss n turn toss n turn and went to lao sai...

1 am again
4 am again
8am again

the 8 am one, i lao until nothing to lao only water >.< and stomach so painful until i blackout momentarily while on the toilet seat

woke up drank some water see doc. doc says viral infection gastric flu... think the patient in front of me also kena cos the medicine like similar and advice given also same, "no dairy products, no oily food."

came back 10 am... lao again -.-

then whole body aching no energy zzzz.... 3:30pm suddenly whole body super hot take temperature -> 38.5 deg C... quickly eat 2 panadol went back sleep

now still feel groggy groggy... whole house so dirty i want to clean but no energy to clean. need suck floor, take down CNY decor, change pond water, do laundry but no energy =(