Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Morning Routine

Since CY blogged about his, it's my turn. my colleagues wonder how i can cook lunch in the morning and bring to the office. this is how:

every morning i wake up at 545 am if i need to prepare lunch or 6 am if i decide to eat out for lunch. let's say i'm cooking rice, steamed toufu w prawns and veg, i'd wake up, let west n claire out, then steam rice. make veggies, make breakfast. then drink two glasses of water n one capsule of royal jelly, da pian, brush teeth, wash face. put make-up. halfway through (before eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil), add toufu to steam. then go back continue make up. then about 10 mins later, pack all into my food in my vacuum flask thingy.

wake chris up. if unsuccessful, shake him. if still unsuccessful. shout, "DEAR!!!!" sometimes he will mumble, "keh you pa me my too brah?" which means "can you pass me my toothbrush?" so i'd squeeze toothpaste on his toothbrush and stick it in his mouth but he will just suck it until i scream at him again so he will get up to brush, still half asleep. sometimes he will play w west n claire while brushing. sometimes he brush liao will go back to sleep w toothbrush in the mouth. sometimes he will sit inside west n claire's enclosure n brush then stone inside with toothbrush in mouth.

then when i'm done w my make-up, chris will start ironing his shirt. i change clothes, brush hair put hair conditioner etc etc. then chris will have gotten dressed and he will go outside and sprawl out on the couch sleep again. if i still don't come out he will holler, "hurry up dear!"

then we rush out of house at 7am or 710am =P