Friday, 27 February 2009


i feel so upset now i am crying... like REALLY crying. you know i have been spending a lot of time doing a slideshow for my company to show to sponsors of new clients and everyone who has seen it said it's v nice. but just now they tried it on a PC and somehow, the audio keeps coming out distorted... i suggested using my macbook pro but they feel uncomfortable cos they're not familiar with macbook. and because of the toggling between players and all (it's a long story), it's really better if they use just one lap top rather than two so to cut the long story short, they're using a PC to play my video with the audio distortions. i don't know if you understand my pain now but to have the work you spent so much effort doing not shown in it's fullest really makes my heart ache like mad...

it's like on your wedding day you have a damn big pimple on your nose or a damn bad sunburn or a damn bad haircut
or the soup you spent hours cooking someone pour a bowl of salt into it
or someone SCRATCH your new car with a key
or your photo is printed with the exposure, colours, temperature all wrong from what you had intended

it's just PURE. HEART. PAIN.


i called chris, he is at work not sure how to fix the problem. the other mac expert quentin not picking up his phone. roy also doesn't know what to do.

i feel super super sad now i don't know if i can even bear to look at my own video tomorrow. i'm afraid i will cry...

want show my video with distortions, i rather it not be shown at all. serious.