Monday, 23 February 2009


shopping for groceries at a supermarket for me is therapeutic. so imagine my horror when my colleagues wanted to go to sheng siong that day *gasp*

when we approached, we were hit by the stench of not-fresh seafood =P although sheng siong sells live seafood, the "dead" seafood STINKS -.- and the aisles are soooooo super cramped, so claustrophobic siah. i see already also don't want to buy anything. my colleagues are v cute one... they will recce see NTUC this one cheap, sheng siong that one cheap... cheaper by... 5c... -_______________-||| LOL cos we were buying something for the dept in bulk ma so save 5c in bulk can be quite substantial...

i smsed G...

me: wa, today i first time go sheng siong neh...
G: i hate sheng siong. v stink. the bedok one worse er...

i asked V to take a pic of me using my i-phone standing outside sheng siong then those uncles and aunties diao me like i am a turtle from the moutains... -.- i never go before ma...


my favourite supermarket has got to be meidi-ya at liang court but when i mentioned the name to my colleagues, CC went... "ha? what's that?" -.- they're so cute la... meidi-ya is a japanese supermarket. here are some reasons why i like it:

1. if you want to buy jap food, they have everything under the sun... i mean, japanese sun.
2. the sushi and sashimi are very very fresh!!! and they've got the good stuff like uni (sea urchin) *slurp* and otoro (tuna belly) *yum* not the usual fare.
3. the items are organised so neatly and the lanes so spacious that shopping there is such a pleasure.
4. they play japanese music.
5. ice packs are available so you can keep your seafood fresh on the way home.
6. they open all counters so the Q is never too long
7. they have REAL fuji apples from japan (not the from china ones). the sekai ichi (world's no. 1) variety is our favourite.
8. the seafood is so fresh and the prep work has all been done just need to rinse and cook. fish nicely fillet-ed, prawns de-shelled and de-veined etc.
9. they sell obento (japanese lunch boxes)
10. they sell wagyu (japanese beef) and kani (crab)
11. the trolleys are slightly smaller so not so bulky
12. their plastic bags are thicker not so easy tear and leak unlike the NTUC and cold storage ones.
13. shopping there reminds me of japan =)

the other supermarkets i like are cold storage at great world city and paragon marketplace, mainly for the range, the spaciousness and good organisation.