Tuesday, 24 February 2009

TV Shows That Make Me Cry

occasionally i watch the celebrity cooking show hosted by a taiwanese food connoiseur guy called "3 veg 1 soup". it's a TV show that features celebrities in a cooking competition and from my observation, i can see that some of them really don't cook very often. i won't say i'm a v good cook but i can at least cook a decent meal and know some basics of cooking. and most of the time i can tell from the way a person holds the knife and the frying slice whether that person cooks often. well-seasoned cooks cut things and fry things got "seh" one, not miang jiang... it's v natural one. that day chris' colleagues came and one of his guy colleagues needed to cut the mushroom... his name is JB

JB: wa, i like your knife!
me: thanks, i like it too
chris: dear, JB got cook one k?
me: i know
JB: wa, how you know?
me: from the way you hold the knife i know.
JB: wa, v stressed neh!!!!


anw, tonight's episode was exceptionally excruciating to watch... when i see the way joanne peh and dawn yeoh cook, i really want to cry. dawn yeoh steamed her salmon (or rather, boiled it wrapped in foil n lotus leaf) for TWENTY minutes -.- where got people cook fish for so long one? then she kept forgetting to cut this cut that. and joanne peh actually used the new year fish... so brave of her. people don't usually like that fish. either you love it or you hate it so it's really tricky. and her sichuan veg, she blanched until no taste le -.- in the end joanne peh won a set of pots and she exclaimed, "ma! give to you!" -.- shouldn't she keep them and practise her cooking?? LOL

haiz... i am v old fashioned in this aspect. i believe women should know how to cook. because, it's nice for a man after a hard day's work to come home to hot soup and a nice dinner. everyday eat outside food is both not nutritious and expensive.

so heng ah we have no kids cos if i have a son and my daughter-in-law can't cook, i'd be v pek cek cos i'd worry about whether my son is being fed.