Sunday, 8 February 2009

Wake Up Service

In most good hotels, there's a wake-up call service. in our house, there's also a similar service. chris says nowadays he can't sleep in anymore LOL because every morning after i wake up, i will let them out to run. nowadays we allow them to come into the room because we r sure they won't dirty the place. so West will come into the room and kiss chris' feet. then he will climb all over chris, sometimes sit on his face, smell smell here, sniff sniff there. and when he walks on the platform bed, his tiny paws will pitter patter... so cute!!! hahaha... then he will come into my wardrobe and watch me put on make-up... he has a thing for skirts... he'd hide between my long skirts and while putting make-up i can see in the mirror the swishing around of my skirts LOL

so cute =D