Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bali Driver Review: Dewamarco (6*)

Dewa as he prefers to be called is highly recommended by my friend CY who visited bali with his wife LL in sept last year. i believe CY got his contact from

well, we managed to book an appointment with dewa for a day trip on the second day via his email which we found on his blog (found the link on CY's blog) and enjoyed ourselves very very much!

The WA!!! moments:

+ dewa is a friendly, chatty and knowledgable guy. the long drives from one place to the next (usually about an hour or so) were never boring cos we chatted leisurely about anything from politics to schoolchildren to marriage to law enforcement systems teblah teblah... but he is not a machine gun. he is sensitive enough to know when we want to rest so there were moments of restful silence too.

me: dear, how come you never talk to dewa
chris: do i need too?? you jujujujujuju talk so much you have said all that i want to say! LOL

at the end of the day...

me: wa dear, my throat feels a little sore... think the weather was too hot
chris: erm... i don't think it's the weather... i think you talked too much! hahaha!
me: -.-

+ he is very sincere and made us feel at ease and safe. we could sense that his motivation is to see his customers enjoy themselves, have a memorable trip and a great time in bali. unlike other irritating drivers who insist on bringing you to souvenir shops that sell things you don't need and don't want to buy or worse, jewellery shops with ugly jewellery that i wonder who will want to wear them, dewa brings us only to places we want to go. when we meet, we tell him what we'd like to see (no need to say the names, just cliff, temple, waterfall, mountain, rice terraces etc. and he knows) and he discusses the feasibility of packing all your destinations within the short time you have.

+ never asked for tips unlike some drivers (when we were in china, the tour guide announced, "i need to collect $2 from everyone as tip for the driver" -.- where got like that one? compelled tipping??? horrible... tsk tsk tsk)

+ a very responsible driver. he has a deep sense of accountability towards his clients and also TripAdvisor (where he has been recommended by forum readers) and he feels the need to uphold the credibility of the forum.

+ great for avid photographers like me. you know, photographers CANNOT possibly stop at a place for TEN minutes -.- where got enough time to take out tripod, shoot wide angle, shoot zoom, shoot fish eye, stack as many filters as we can and brought, try different shutter speeds, venture (sometimes dangerously) to a certain spot to get THAT shot. when we see a flower on the ground, we shoot. see a woman carrying things on her head, shoot. see fruit sellers selling fruits, shoot. see people washing clothes in the river, also want to shoot. see mee sai also want to shoot shoot shoot. but i wasn't that hard core. think CY probably shot more than 1000? i shot only 600+ in 3 days. dewa is fully aware of that streak in us so he'd wait patiently. he is also a psychic... once when we were in the car, we passed some ladies carrying large fruit and floral offerings walking by the side of the road. as if he could read my mind...

dewa: you can take photo of the women if you want...

=DDD i quickly whipped out my cam, unwound the window, stuck out my head and snapped two shots. no time to compose la. just AF and shoot liao, before i get decapitated by some other moving vehicle!!! LOL

chris: DEAR!!!! what are you doing????!!!!!! so dangerous!!!
me: =DDD

and he times the arrivals to catch the most beautiful moments if possible. we reached uluwatu with enough time to walk about and admire the flaming orange orb of the setting sun disappear into the clouds (if no clouds will be horizon i think). when we came out from uluwatu, we saw some groups going in and i shook my head...

me: haiz... so sad, they missed the sunset
dewa: *concurring* not good timing...

+ recommends nice eating places.

The WA LAO moments:

erm... there weren't really any!!!! LOL hm... well ok, caucasians may find his english a little difficult to understand but we were totally fine with his accent.