Monday, 30 March 2009

Bali Restaurant Review: Cafe Lotus, Ubud (3.5*)

dewa also recommended this restaurant (15 mins from our resort) and advised that we make a reservation, which of cos we asked the hotel to do =P

k sorry i forgot to take a photo of the restaurant cos i got distracted by a commotion outside (some kids were performing a pig dance which i will blog about in a later entry)

the restaurant was full house with people from various nationalities but we felt the food was not that great, a bit of an overhype. however, it's still worth a visit because from the restaurant, you get a good view of the professional balinese dance performance (every sat night 730pm). when making a reservation, request for a seat with a nice view of the elaborate stage. however, you will need to purchase a ticket if you want to watch the performance upclose. so if you're cheapskates, you can just eat at the restaurant and bring a pair of binoculars (or at least 300mm telephoto lens LOLLL)

hehehe, a german guy with a nikon D70 and 16-85mm lens saw me using my tripod and asked to borrow it. i lent it to him and he reciprocated by handing me his ticket for the performance so that i could go in and get some close-up shots LOLLL how nice of him. this is called win-win strategy kekeke =D my close-up shots turned out much better than the 200mm zoomed ones from the restaurant. Danke schön!!