Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bali Sights: Others

when i'm on holiday, i like to take photos of the people and balinese are generally very friendly. when i ask for permission to take their photo, they'll usually be glad to smile for you, especially the children =)

26th mar is Silence Day in Bali where there is not supposed to be ANY form of activity and noise. no one is allowed to leave their house (except if it's life-threatening like going to the hospital), there will be no cars on the roads. all must stay indoors and this applies to tourists as well. otherwise wait police catch you er! really, i'm not kidding. dewa told us. the purpose of silence day is to make time for meditation.

so in preparation for this day, there're many festivities such as the barong, which is kinda like our lion dance except that it's led by children. groups of village children move from around with a pig-like puppet and shop-owners invite them to make noise and dance so as to "ward off evil spirits". we were dining at cafe lotus when i got distracted by the commotion outside so i dashed out with my camera =))

i also ventured outside the resort to chat with the locals who do their washing by the river =)

children bathing in the same river

balinese women selling sarong

musicians in the resort

some cultural exchange going on between a jap kid and the musicians =)