Thursday, 26 March 2009

Bali Sights: Tegallalang Rice Terraces

When we arrived at this rice terrace, we realised that we have been here a couple of years ago during our first visit to Bali but we enjoyed it anyway (cos i didn't have my DSLR back then hahaha). armed with my trusty 400D with 18-200mm, my lowepro containing my other stuff and my gitzo as a walking stick, i wound my way halfway down the terrace just to explore explore and met an old farmer who posed for me =)

but golly, going downhill really killed me as my right thigh hurt like mad after that (at night). i think i probably pulled a muscle. try walking on a path 50cm wide with all that weight on you and trying to keep your balance because if you miss a step, you'll plummet all the way down the bottom of the terrace. the sizzling hot weather made it even more strenuous so when i ascended back up, i was drenched in perspiration and panting like a dog.

chris, on the other hand, was enjoying himself at the padi cafe sipping a glass of honeydew juice. he only left a mouthful for me -.-

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