Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bali Sights: Uluwatu

of all the places we visited on day 2, this has to be my favourite. the view is quite spectacular and you can sit or stand right at the edge of the cliff (barrier-free) to take in the picturesque sight.

you may catch the kecak dance if you wish (we didn't) and explore the area a little, which is inhabited by numerous wild, naughty monkeys. i think my colleague CC will just have a heart attack here.

take care of your belongings especially hats and glasses as they will come when you let your guard down, snatch them away and dart off. but there're natives there who will give the monkey some food in exchange for your item then charge you a small fee to "redeem" it back. one lady had her glasses snatched away and had to pay 20,000 Rp (about SGD$3) for it -.-