Monday, 30 March 2009

The Chedi Jade Massage

independent spas tend to have more competitive rates than those in resorts (especially the 'luxury' ones) so i checked out some prices on the internet as well as picked up a brochure when in ubud. in indonesia, prices quoted are usually in thousand rupiahs so don't be too happy when you see 450 cos it means 450,000 Rp LOL

so one of the spas i was interested in offered a package:


we also checked out the hotel rates and saw this:

The Chedi Jade Ritual which included
Foot bath
Chedi Jade Massage (3 hours)

so i was like...

me: WA dear!!! it's soooooooooo cheap!!!! 250,000 Rp for all these??? that's like $30 per person la!! we just order one each k?
chris: k lor
me: i don;t believe this!!! it's even cheaper than the ones outside!!! =DDD

but before i pressed the number to make a reservation, i read the fineprints (ALWAYS read fineprints).

i'm glad i did.

this was the fineprint: "prices stated are in USD excluding taxes"


heng ah *pats chest* didn't "just order one each"!!! ROFLMAO

but chris didn't want me to go outside for spa. he felt it's too troublesome as we'd have to arrange for transport (which was complimentary anyway -.-) and felt that by the time i'm done and back, i'd be sweating again. also, he'd have to tag along but he wanted to stone inside the resort.

chris: just do it here dear. choose a reasonably priced one lor.

so, since there is economic crisis right, i choose the most expensive massage as opposed to RITUAL (massage is ala carte, ritual is a few treatments, like a package). The Chedi Jade Massage is USD$95 (exclude taxes) for 60 mins and is a four-hands (yes, two therapists at the same time) using a combination of strokes from Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Thai, Ancient Balinese and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with a blend of essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Pettitgrain, Orange and Bergamot. The reason why it's called JADE massage is because there are pieces of jade IN the massage oil blend which they claim have been out in the sun from morning absorbing the sun's energy which will then by "transferred" to you during the massage!

ya right... LOL *chris rolled his eyeballs when i reiterated it to him*

the spa room faces the rice fields so it's really therapeutic =) however, it was rather bright outside so i could not get a nice shot. it's something like this.

i felt it was good value for money because for ordinary massages by a single therapist, only one area is target at any one time but when there are TWO therapists, one can do the bottom while the other does the top, one left one right. so it's like enjoying the benefits of a two-hour massage in an hour.