Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Good Service

we always complain about bad service in singapore rght? well, i feel that in this gloomy economy (wa, rhymes neh! LOL), businesses that provide good service will stand to gain. i would like to highlight three shops i visited...

1. Sephora
the newly opened cosmetics-skin-care-everything-a-girl-slaps-on-her-face-n-body shop at Ngee Ann City B2 (think it's B2... can't quite remember is it B1 or B2. ah ya, it's either B1 or B2 la!). the salesgirls are very polite and have good product knowledge so they offer good advice and also try to recommend new products. they also have a gift wrap counter to wrap up your purchases for your bff or gf =) i particularly like their brushes because compared to a certain brand (cannot say la... i buy that brand only in japan cos it's cheaper =P), it's much more affordable and works very well e.g. eyeshadow brush @ $24 as compared to "the other brand" which can cost up to $108 -.- siao... i buy in japan so much cheaper lor. kansai airport got tax free some more.

2. Khiel's @ Ngee Ann City
During christmas, my goodest bestest friend needed to buy some gifts for her other gfs so we went to khiel's and wa, the salespeople are so helpful and the wrapping is quite pretty and presentable. they put her gift in a nice box then fill the spaces with pot pourri then tied a ribbon around the box and gave her a separate bag too. then she asked if we wanted any samples to try and happily gave us what we asked for, not ngiaw. of cos, we spent quite a bit so went back with loads of freebies too.

one of the bottles of serum a bought had a defective pump. i used about 2/3s then it stopped pumping so i was rather upset. was going to throw it away but i thought just try and complain see how... well, know what they did? they were very apologetic about it and gave me a brand new bottle! WOW, i was impressed lor. i was expecting just a new pump head but they said they don't have extra pump heads and told me to leave my name n number. manager called me back and offered to replace my bottle!

now, that's good service. will i go back? definitely. not just that. i will tell everyone about their good service.

oh, did i mention their MALE salespeople look v pretty? =P the one at Tampines Mall has such flawless complexion and nicely trimmed eyebrows... makes me feel so conscious of my imperfections LOL

3. The Body Shop @ Kovan Mall

i hardly go to body shop one... i prefer loccitane or crabtree but i needed an eyebrow pencil sharpener (cos i accidentally threw mine away -.- don't ask how) so i walked in. then their new product Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel caught my eye. when the salesgirl saw my eye linger for longer than it should at that product, she immediately worked her magic

girl: ^^ hi, this is our new product with japanese cherry blossom extract ^^ this is the shower gel! ^^
me: oh...
girl: try the cologne *spritz it onto a strip of paper, fan it a few times, hands it to me with a smile*
me: *sniff sniff, nod head*
girl: you want to try the body lotion? *get ready to pump it into my hand*
me: ok
girl: *pump* the scent is very sweet v nice ^^
me: *sniff sniff* mmm...
girl: now there's a promotion ^^ when you buy the cologne, pay $2 more and you get the shower gel for free!
me: oh? ok, i'll take the shower gel and cologne... *eye lingers on diffuser*
girl: oh, this is the diffuser... you pour some liquid into this then the wooden sticks will diffuse the scent all around the room ^^
me: oh nice... how long will it last?
girl: about 2 months if you use everyday ^^
me: k, let me think about about.
girl: i put at the counter for you first... ^^ oh, if you spend $50, you can become our member and you get 10% off right away!
me: ok... *walk around, sees free gift display*
girl: actually now we have a promotion, if you buy $85 and above, you get this set of free gifts *shows each item to me one of which is a small bottle of french lavender shower gel* you're only a few dollars short ^^ would you like to pick up a smaller item to top up?
me: oh... french lavender! i'll have one of that shower gel. *suddenly remember i was there to buy my sharpener!* oh, i need an eyebrow pencil sharpener
girl: sure, here you go...
me: *walk walk* finds a wooden hair brush and remember that my hairbrush needs replacement...
girl: oh, we have another promotion, if you spend $100, you also get a retractable blusher brush worth $29 free! ^^ would you like to look around somemore?

so, you see, i had wanted to buy a sharpener, end up buying hairbrush, cherry blossom and french lavender shower gel too. became member and the total cost was $60+ (i didn't buy the diffuser thingy la... economy bad ma). and when i told her i don't want the diffuser, she was totally cool about it, still v polite, service still good.

see la, when the service is good, sometimes you end up buying more than you went there for. i'm sure you have had similar experiences LOL