Monday, 9 March 2009

Japanese Milk Hotcakes

Got these at meidi-ya. japanese milk hotcakes. not sure what brand... the japo words on the packaging just mean "milk hotcakes". comes frozen in a pack of 10 but inside, the hotcakes are separately packed in pairs ^^ don't u LOVE japanese packaging? so don't have to worry about yanking off two slices which have been stuck frozen to the rest ^^ how considerate of them ^^

defrost for 30 mins - 1 hour. ah ya, by the time you brush teeth, wash face, pang sai... ok le lor! microwave for 1 min but i prefer to warm it on a non stick frying pan so the top and bottom r a little crisp.

LOADS of butter and drizzle with 100% maple syrup (must be 100% ha! how u know 100%? cos they print 100% la! and check the ingredients... it must read: 100% maple syrup... the lao yah ones have sugar la what chapalang stuff added in one -.-)

price: can't remember la... think $10+ ba, next time i check k. comes in smaller packs of 6 (3X2) too ^^