Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Kaisu and Kiasee Singaporean Parents

one of my friends told me her sister recently moved house so as to get her daughter into the primary school of her choice. not only that, she had had to do donno how many hours of volunteer work for the school and still, it was not guaranteed, still got to ballot mind you! -.-

and then she sends her daughter for piano la, violin la, ballet la, swimming la -.- like that where got childhood? and after she attended the parents' orientation organised by the school, she felt so stressed and decided to quit her job next year so as to coach her daughter. apparently, nowadays, when you enter primary ONE, you're expected to be able to read sentences especially for Math problems e.g. you need to be able to read ON YOUR OWN: "john has 5 apples. he gave amy 3. how many does he have left?" you've got to be able to READ then SOLVE. and i think the problems are not so simple... i still remember the furore in 2000 (i think) over a PSLE question that students at JC level will solve using Arithmetic Progression. the question was something like: 1 + 2 + 3 + ... + 97 = ? of course, if they were the mathematician Gauss, they'd totally laugh out the answer but many were stumped and so distraught i believe it haunted them for years.

so, many Singaporean parents who are afraid their kids will lose out send them for this and that. from pre-school, the kid is destined to a life, sorry i mean no life -.-

haiz, when i think of my kor and my nieces, i worry for him. imagine piano, violin, ballet, swimming, speech and drama, phonics all that but DOUBLE! yeah, cos they're twins -.- btw, i think phonics and speech is a load of crap. you can't tell them ABC is pronounced air, ber, ker... cos that's just not how the English language works. it's not like German, where you usually can pronouce what you see. when they grow older, you should teach them phonetics (the weird-looking words you see beside the word in a dictionary) then everytime they're not sure of the pronunciation of a word, they can easily find out on their own.

and my kor is so bang tang (superstitious) it's beginning to upset me. when i see my nieces, i must be careful with what i say and do. cannot say they've grown bigger and heavier. he scared say le they won't grow (especially after what happened to my elder niece kyrstin) and cannot make funny face. i made a funny face at kyrstin and my sister-in-law told me off. WTH la, makes me so upset. and to think i buy so many things for them. want to see and touch them like must apply permit first. say cute cannot, say not cute also cannot. CANNOT comment -.-

boy r we glad we don't have kids. at least i can say west and claire are FAT and i can make whatever funny face at them, fart at them, HA! morning breath at them... -.-