Friday, 13 March 2009

Man3 Zai4 Er2 Gui1

means "go home fully loaded"

I was invited for the Sisley breakfast party this morning (I'm a member) so I was at Takashimaya at 10 am ^^ well, the atmosphere was very conducive for buying (with assorted canapes, juices, pastries, choc brownies etc =P) so these are what i bought:

[i-phone image]

1. Phyto-blanc clearing essence with vitamin C
2. Ecological Compound (moisturiser)
3. Radiant Immediate Lift (make-up base)

the essence contains pure vitamin C which you must "crack" and mix into the liquid and upon opening, it needs to be refrigerated and used within one week. a pack of 8 vials means an 8-week supply. can't wait to try =D the ecological compound is something i have been using so i'm just replenishing. the radiant immediate lift not only smooths out your complexion to prep it for make-up, it lifts the contours, wakes up your skin and supposedly contains mother of pearl which gives your face an instant glow. it claims to "erase fatigue in a flash, lift facial features, give an instant boost and guarantee flawless, long lasting make-up" cool... also can't wait to use it =D

and here are the free gifts.

[i-phone image]

door gift:
phyto-blanc buff and wash gel (15 ml x 1)
eye contour mask (3 ml x 1)
global anti-age day and night (4 ml x 1)
restorative facial cream (15 ml x 1)
body cream (15 ml x 1)

with the essence:
sisley tote bag (x1)
night complex (3 ml x 3)
all day all year (5 ml x 1)

spend above a certain amount:
phyto-blanc buff and wash gel (15 ml x 1)
phyto-blanc lightening toning lotion (15 ml x 1)
radiant glow express mask with red clay (15 ml x 1)
eye and lip contour cream (2 ml x 1)
radiance anti-aging concentrate (2 ml x 1)
eye contour mask (3 ml x 1)
sisley tote bag
sisley bath towel
energixing foaming exfoliant (15 ml x 1)
celluli-pro (10 ml x 1)
lip liner and brush + sharpener (for first 20 only)

the girl let me try:
express flower gel mask (4 ml x 1)
white tensor immediate lift make-up base (1.5 ml x 1)

the best free gifts are:
cleansing milk and floral toning lotion (125 ml x 1)
60 mins sisley facial (worth $150)