Thursday, 5 March 2009

Parallel Parking

yesterday i finally learnt parking... parallel parking and it was very easy neh... with the poles la LOL i zhioop zhioop went in and zhioop zhioop came out...

instructor: *look stunned* SUPER
me: (^^)V
instructor: but too fast! slow down!
me: but i watch movie they are v fast one. just zhioop in...
instructor: -.- that one is movie. you are trainee.
me: orh ok...

car in front park SUPER SLOWLY

me: -.- er... am i supposed to park THAT slowly?
instructor: yes
me: zzz...

so he made me park at ALL the lots (in ubi 6 of them i think) twice each. total 12 times i think.

car in front go so slow still knock down pole...

me: *giggle*
instructor: tsk... why you laugh at people?
me: =D

k, then later i reversed too fast knock down pole twice (2 out of 12, very good liao la)

instructor: knock down pole is immediate failure -.-
me: orh...!

parallel parking is fun neh. he says he will teach me how to park WITHOUT poles next time. cool.